Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jenkins, Gordon

(b Webster Groves, MO, 12 May 1910; d Malibu, CA, 24 April 1984). American arranger, composer and conductor. He played the cinema organ and piano before joining a radio station in St Louis. In 1936 he began arranging for the Isham Jones dance orchestra and then composed and arranged for Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Lennie Hayton and André Kostelanetz. After a brief spell conducting on Broadway he moved to California (1936) to work for Paramount, and later became a musical director and performer for NBC’s Hollywood network (1938–44). He returned to New York in 1949. He is best known for his light orchestral music such as the mood suites Seven Dreams and Manhattan Tower, and conducted his own light orchestra from the mid-1940s to early 50s. He arranged for many popular singers, most notably for Frank Sinatra with the song It was a very good year, for which he won a Grammy award in 1965, and on Sinatra’s albums Where Are You? (1957) and No One Cares (1959). He also recorded with Nat ‘King’ Cole, Louis Armstrong and Peggy Lee.

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