Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

Jelínek, Josef. See Gelinek, Josef. Jelski, Michał

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Jelínek, Josef.

See Gelinek, Josef.

Jelski, Michał

(b Dudzicze, nr Minsk, 8 Oct 1831; d Rusinowicze, nr. Vilnius, Jan 1904). Polish violinist, composer and writer on music. He studied with Wincenty Bańkiewicz in Vilnius and from 1860 studied the violin with Lipiński in Dresden, composition with Lachner in Munich and violin with Vieuxtemps in Paris. In the 1850s he played in Kiev and Minsk, and from 1861 to 1879 he appeared in Poland and Germany, where he met with universal critical approval. His repertory included works by Bach, Spohr, Paganini, Vieuxtemps, de Bériot, Lipiński and others. Jelski’s compositions include works for violin, edited by Henkl in Frankfurt and by A. Kocipiński in Kiev. His compositions relied on an early Romantic style, with conventional elements typical of Polish music of that period. He expoited greater contrasts of sound, with pervasive virtuoso elements, together with a rich harmony which supported his conception. He also wrote regular articles on music in Polish magazines, taking in a wide range of historical considerations, the discussion of problems concerning musical life and musical biographies. Together with his niece, Alexandra Glogerowa, he also collected folksongs from the region around the River Narew. Jelski wrote about 100 works for the violin, notably two violin concertos, a Fantasia for violin and orchestra, Sonata in E minor, fantasias, dances, and other miniatures.

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