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Jehan de Grieviler

(b Grévillers, nr Arras; fl mid- to late 13th century). French trouvère. Probably from Grévillers, he was among a group of 16 married, evidently unordained, clerics in Arras, some of whom were engaged in commercial activities, who on 28 January 1254 petitioned the Bishop of Arras to exempt them from civic taxation. A ‘Grieviler’ is listed in the necrology of the Registre de la Confrérie des jongleurs et des bourgeois d'Arras of 1254–5, but it is not certain that this refers to Jehan, since some of his jeux-partis identify him as a member of the Arras puy that was active mainly during the second half of the 13th century. Jehan was a participant in at least 34 jeux-partis, six of which (three with surviving music) begin in his voice. He exchanged strophes with Jehan Bretel and Adam de la Halle, among others, the latter of whom would have been very young by the 1250s. He also left behind six or seven chansons and a rotrouenge. All but one of the songs follow the conventional ABABx musical structure; Uns pensers jolis is through-composed. Many of Jehan's melodies begin on middle or low C, ending on C or G, but often extending outside the octave to high G or F. One melody, Jolie amours, begins on B, an unusual occurrence, and stretches to high and low F, where it ends.


Edition: Trouvère Lyrics with Melodies: Complete Comparative Edition, ed. H. Tischler, CMM, cvii (1997) [T]

all in I-Rvat Reg.lat.1490

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