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with K.K. Shelemay: Ethiopian Christian Liturgical Chant: an Anthology, Recent Researches in the Oral Traditions of Music, i–iii (Madison, WI, 1993–7)


Jefferys & Nelson.

English firm of music publishers, formed through the partnership of Charles Jefferys and Sydney Nelson.

Jeffreys, George

(b c1610; d Weldon, Northants., 4/5 July 1685). English composer, music copyist and organist. He played an important role in the dissemination of Italian music in England during the Caroline and Commonwealth periods. His own compositions reflect his interest in the Italian stile nuovo, but he never relinquished entirely the techniques of his native tradition. As a result his mature music (all for the church) provides a highly individual solution to the problem of combining the English polyphonic style with Italian declamatory techniques. Though his willingness to experiment led occasionally to harmonic crudities and overcluttered textures, he deserves to be regarded, along with Matthew Locke (to whom he is stylistically closest), as one of the most accomplished and imaginative of Purcell's immediate predecessors.

1. Life.

2. Copying activities.

3. Works.




Jeffreys, George

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