Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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‘Jefferson Airplane Loves You’, Look, no.31 (1967), 58–62

R. Gleason: The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco Sound (New York, 1969)

B. Fong-Torres: ‘Jefferson Airplane Grunts: “Gotta Evolution”’, Rolling Stone, no.92 (1971), 1, 28–30

J. Tamarkin: Jefferson Airplane Loves You, RCA 07863-61110–2 (1992) [disc notes]

G. Slick: Somebody to Love? A Rock-and-Roll Memoir (New York, 1998)


Jeffery, Peter (Grant)

(b New York, 19 Oct 1953). American musicologist. From Brooklyn College, CUNY, he took the BA (1975), and from Princeton University, the MFA (1977) and the doctorate (1980), with a dissertation on the autograph manuscripts of Cavalli. He was cataloguer of Western manuscripts and editor of publications at the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library at Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota (1980–82), and taught Gregorian chant and music history at the New York School of Liturgical Music (1983–4). He taught at the University of Delaware (1984–93), and was made professor of music at Princeton in 1993. He was editor of the Liturgical Chant Newsletter from 1985 to 1990. Jeffery’s principal area of interest is Christian liturgical chant from the earliest times to the present day, in many of its manifestations: Gregorian, Ethiopian, Byzantine. Rather than follow narrow lines of investigation, however, he has considered the techniques of the ethnomusicologist and attempted in his monograph (1992) to combine ethnomusicology with the study of Gregorian chant. He has also studied world music and musical cognition.

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