Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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MGG2 (W. Steude: ‘Grimma’)

C.G. Lorenz: Series praeceptorum illustris (Grimma, 1849)

F. Krummacher: ‘Zur Sammlung Jacobi der ehemaligen Fürstenschule Grimma’, Mf, xvi (1963), 324–47

F. Krummacher: Die Überlieferung der Choralbearbeitung in der frühen evangelischen Kantate (Berlin, 1965)


Jacobi, Viktor

(b Budapest, 22 Oct 1883; d New York, 10 Dec 1921). Hungarian composer, later active in the USA. He studied music at the National Hungarian Royal Academy of Music from 1903 to 1905, forming a close friendship with his fellow students, the future operetta composers Emmerich Kálmán and Albert Szirmai. His first operetta, A rátartós királykisasszony (‘The Haughty Princess’), was produced in 1904 while he was still a student, and this was followed by several others. However, it was with Leányvásár (‘The Marriage Market’, 1911) and Szibill (1914) that he achieved major international success. When war broke out he was in London, and he fled to America, becoming an American citizen. He supervised productions of earlier works, collaborated with Fritz Kreisler on Apple Blossoms (1919) and wrote The Half Moon (1920) and The Love Letter (1921). After his death a piece entitled Miami was arranged from his music and given in Budapest in 1925.


(selective list)

first performed in Budapest unless otherwise stated

Stage: A rátartós királykisasszony [The Haughty Princess] (fairytale), 1904; A legviteźebb huszár [The Brave Hussar] (musical play), 1905; A tengerszem tűndére [The Nautical Fairy], 1906; Teáskerosza [Rambler Rose] (operetta), 1907, rev. Washington, 1917; Van, de nincs [There Is, but There Isn't] (operetta), 1908; Janoska (Spl), 1909; Leányvásár [The Marriage Market] (operetta), 1911; Szibill [Sybil] (operetta), 1914; Apple Blossoms (operetta), New York, 1919, collab. F. Kreisler; The Half Moon (musical play), New York, 1920; The Love Letter (musical comedy), New York, 1921

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