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d. periodicals

Australia: Australian Jazz Quarterly (1946–57); Jazz (1981–); Jazz Australia (1976–)

Austria: Jazzforschung (1969–); Jazz Forum (1967–)

Belgium: Jazz Hot (1945–)

Canada: Coda (1958–)

England: Crescendo (1962–); Jazz Journal (1974–77); Jazz Journal International (1977–); Jazz Monthly (1955–71); Music Mirror (1954–8)

Finland: Rytmi (1934–7, 1949–)

France: Cahiers du jazz (?1959–68); Jazz-hot (1935–9); Jazz magazine (1954); Revue du jazz (1948–)

Germany: Jazz Revue (1950–54)

Japan: Swing Journal (1947–)

Netherlands: Jazz wereld (1965–73)

USA: American Music (1983–); Annual Review of Jazz Studies (1982–); Be-Bop and Beyond (1983–); Black Music Research Journal (1980–); Black Perspective in Music (1973–90); Cadence (1976–); Clef (1946); Down Beat (1934–); Hot Record Society Rag (1938–41); Jazz (1962–7); Jazz: a Quarterly of American Music (1958–60); Jazz Review (1958–61); Journal of Jazz Studies (1973–81); Metronome (1885–1961); Record Changer (1942–58); Record Research (1955–); Tempo (1933–40)

Jazz: Bibliography

e. histories

A. Baresel: Das Jazz-Buch (Leipzig, 1925)

R. Goffin: Aux frontières du jazz (Paris, 1932)

W. Hobson: American Jazz Music (New York, 1939/R)

F. Ramsey jr and C. Smith, eds.: Jazzmen (New York, 1939/R)

R. Goffin: Jazz: From the Congo to the Metropolitan (Garden City, NY, 1944, 2/1948 as Nouvelle histoire du jazz: du Congo au Bebop; Eng. trans., 1975)

B. Ulanov: A History of Jazz in America (New York, 1952)

N. Shapiro and N. Hentoff: Hear me Talkin' to ya: the Story of Jazz as Told by the Men who Made it (New York, 1955, 2/1966)

M. Stearns: The Story of Jazz (New York, 1956, 3/1970)

N. Hentoff and A.J. McCarthy, eds.: Jazz: New Perspectives on the History of Jazz by Twelve of the World's Foremost Jazz Critics and Scholars (New York, 1959)

S.B. Charters and L. Kunstadt: Jazz: a History of the New York Scene (Garden City, NY, 1962)

J. Goldberg: Jazz Masters of the Fifties (New York, 1965/R)

R. Hadlock: Jazz Masters of the Twenties (London, 1965/R)

I. Gitler: Jazz Masters of the Forties (New York, 1966/R)

M. Williams: Jazz Masters of New Orleans (New York, 1967)

F. Kofsky: Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music (New York, 1970, 2/1998 as John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution of the 1960s)

D.H. Kraner and K. Schulz: Jazz in Austria: a Brief History and a Discography of all Jazz and Jazz-Like Recordings Made in Austria (Graz, 1969/R1972 as Jazz in Austria: Historische Entwicklung und Diskographie des Jazz in Osterreich)

M. Williams: Jazz Masters in Transition 1957–69 (New York, 1970)

R. Russell: Jazz Style in Kansas City and the Southwest (Berkeley, 1971)

A. Shaw: The Street that Never Slept: New York's Fabled 52nd Street (New York, 1971/R1977 as 52nd Street: the Street of Jazz)

E. Southern: The Music of Black Americans: a History (New York, 1971, 3/1997)

R. Stewart: Jazz Masters of the Thirties (New York, 1972)

D. Morgenstern: The Jazz Story: an Outline History of Jazz (New York, 1973)

L.W. Levine: Black Culture and Black Consciousness: Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom (New York, 1977)

F. Tirro: Jazz: a History (New York, 1977, 2/1993)

V. Wilmer: As Serious as Your Life: the Story of the New Jazz (London, 1977, 2/1980)

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A. Bisset: Black Roots, White Flowers: a History of Jazz in Australia (Sydney, 1979, 2/1987)

C. Nanry and E. Berger: The Jazz Text (New York, 1979)

E.A. Berlin: Ragtime: a Musical and Cultural Study (Berkeley, 1980)

F. Driggs and L. Harris: Black Beauty, White Heat: a Pictorial History of Classic Jazz, 1920–1950 (New York, 1982)

M. Miller: Jazz in Canada: Fourteen Lives (Toronto, 1982)

S. Placksin: American Women in Jazz, 1900 to the Present: their Words, Lives, and Music (New York, 1982)

S.F. Starr: Red and Hot: the Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union, 1917–1980 (New York, 1983, rev. 2/1994 as Red and Hot: the Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union, 1917–1991)

L. Dahl: Stormy Weather: the Music and Lives of a Century of Jazzwomen (New York, 1984)

J. Godbolt: A History of Jazz in Britain, 1919–50 (London, 1984)

J. Litweiler: The Freedom Principle: Jazz after 1958 (New York, 1984)

S. DeVeaux: Jazz in Transition: Coleman Hawkins and Howard McGhee, 1935–1945 (diss., U. of California, Berkeley, 1985)

L. Feigin: Russian Jazz: New Identity (London, 1985)

I. Gitler: Swing to Bop: an Oral History of the Transition in Jazz in the 1940s (New York, 1985)

R. Gordon: Jazz West Coast: the Los Angeles Jazz Scene of the 1950s (London, 1986)

A. Medvedev and O. Medvedeva: Sovetskiy dzhaz: problemï, sobïtiya, mastera (Moscow, 1987)

W. Schworer: Jazzszene Frankfurt: Eine musiksoziologische Untersuchungen zur Situation anfangs der achtziger Jahre (diss., Giessen U., 1987)

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D.H. Rosenthal: Hard Bop: Jazz and Black Music, 1955–1965 (New York, 1992)

C. Ballantine: Marabi Nights: Early South African Jazz and Vaudeville (Johannesburg, 1993)

P. De Barros: Jackson Street after Hours: the Roots of Jazz in Seattle (Seattle, 1993)

W.H. Kenney: Chicago Jazz: a Cultural History, 1904–1930 (New York, 1993)

C.E. Kinzer: The Tio Family: Four Generations of New Orleans Musicians, 1814–1933 (diss., Louisiana State U., 1993)

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S. Nicholson: Jazz Rock: a History (New York, 1998)

K. Whitehead: New Dutch Swing (New York, 1998)

R.M. Sudhalter: Lost Chords: White Musicians and their Contribution to Jazz, 1915–1945 (New York, 1999)

Jazz: Bibliography

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