Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Laitisen mankeliska, Olarin Musiikki OMLP 9 (1986)

I’ve Found a New Tango, Olarin Musiikki OMCD 32 (1990)

Pirun polska [Devil's polska], Olarin Musiikki OMCD 37 (1992); Green Linnet-Xenophile GLCD 4012 (1993)

Kaustinen Rhapsody, Olarin Musiikki OMCD 53 (1994); Xenophile GLCD 4019 (1994)

String Tease, Rockadillo ZENCD 2056 (1998); North Side NSD 6020 (1998)


Järvi, Neeme

(b Tallinn, 7 June 1937). American conductor of Estonian birth. He studied percussion and choral direction at the Tallinn Music School before taking his degree in conducting with Nicolai Rabinovich and Mravinsky at the Leningrad Conservatory (1955–60). He made his début in Tallinn in 1954, and began working there as the percussionist in the Estonian State SO. He soon became the music director of this orchestra (1960–80) and of the Tallinn Opera (1966–79). He also formed the Chamber Orchestra of Tallinn, conducted opera and ballet in Moscow and Leningrad, and after winning the first prize in the Accademia di S Cecilia conducting competition in 1971 he began to appear elsewhere in Europe and in Canada, Mexico and Japan. In 1979 he toured the USA, making his Metropolitan début with Yevgeny Onegin and appearing with major American orchestras; he emigrated to the USA the following year. He continued to appear as guest conductor with the New York PO, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston SO and many others before becoming principal guest conductor of the CBSO (1981–4). After conducting Salome at the Swedish Royal Opera he became principal conductor of the Göteborg SO in 1982 and then the principal conductor of the Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow (1984–8). He was appointed music director of the Detroit SO in 1990.

Järvi has conducted all the major orchestras in Europe and America and has kept up a very active career in the studio, making over 300 CDs and threatening to surpass Karajan as the world's most recorded conductor. His repertory is centred on Slavonic and Scandinavian composers, including Sibelius, Prokofiev, Dvořák and Martinů, and he has been a champion for Berwald, Gade, Svendsen, Stenhammar and Tubin; he has also conducted the premières of many works by Tubin and Pärt. He gave the Soviet premières of Porgy and Bess, Der Rosenkavalier and Il turco in Italia. His interests, however, range wide and he is able to give a solid account of anything that comes his way. Järvi’s enterprising recordings of rare American music have had a beneficial effect on concert programming throughout the USA. His conducting is particularly admired for its warmth and lyrical line. He became an American citizen in 1987 and is a Knight of the North Star Order of Sweden.


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