Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

Jarnović [Jarnovicki, Jarnowick], Ivan Mane

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Jarnović [Jarnovicki, Jarnowick], Ivan Mane.

See Giornovichi, Giovanni Mane.

Jarnowick, Pierre-Louis Hus-Desforges.

A name incorrectly assigned to Pierre-Louis Hus-Desforges.

Jaroński, Feliks

(b Kraków, 5 Oct 1823; d Kielce, 11 May 1895). Polish pianist and composer. He received his musical training from Elsner and Kurpiński in Warsaw; he then moved to Paris, where he studied the piano with Edward Wolff and harmony and counterpoint with Halévy. Jaroński made successful appearances as a pianist, particularly in Paris (1850). In 1856 he settled in Warsaw as a music teacher, giving up public performances, and in 1870 he moved to Kielce. Jaroński’s relatively small creative output is confined almost exclusively to piano works. These are marked by exaggerated sound effects and the use of all registers of the instrument. Their texture changes often, using differentiated pianistic means. During his lifetime his Dumky for piano, partly using motifs of Ukrainian origin, were very popular.


Pf: Souvenir de Havre, Polka op. (Paris, c1845); 2 mazurkas, op.4; 3 mazurs (Warsaw, c1850); [9] Dumky (Warsaw, c1865); Variations on Pomoc dajcie mi rodacy, lost; Nuż na harfy [Come on to the harp] (Warsaw, n.d.), Polonaise (Warsaw, 1895) and other piano pieces

Sacred song, for piano (Warsaw, n.d.)

Song: Gwiazdy [Stars], 1v, pf (Warsaw, 1853)

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