Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jarmusiewicz, Jan

(b Zarzecka Wola, nr Leżajsk, 1781; d Zaczernie, 5 Aug 1844). Polish musician, theorist and painter. He studied singing and the violin in Rzeszów, Lwów and Kamieniec, and was a boy soprano in the parish church of Leżajsk, where he later became a clerk; he was also a teacher for the Rzeszów starost at Żyznów near Jasło. He then studied philosophy and theology at Lwów University. After being ordained as a priest in 1807 he served under Bishop Gołuchowski of Przemyśl at Rzeszów, where he also founded and directed a school for organists. In 1811 he moved to Wojutycze, in 1814 to Przybyszówka and in 1823 he took over the parish of Zaczernie.

Jarmusiewicz is known particularly for his book Nowy system muzyki (‘A new system of music’, 1843), in which he expounded his theories of harmony, based on the functional significance of chords: the tonic, subdominant and dominant chords are termed ‘primary’ functions (‘funkcja’), and from these are derived a series of ‘secondary’ functions. In this respect, and in the theory of Wechselleittöne, which Jarmusiewicz called ‘tangenty’, there is a close analogy between his system and that later advanced by Riemann. As a painter, Jarmusiewicz is known for a picture of the birth of the Virgin Mary in the church at Zaczernie. He also constructed agricultural machines, and invented a musical instrument called the ‘klawiolin’, combining the attributes of a piano and of string instruments. This was a hump-backed piano with gut rather than metal strings, and small bows, which, with the help of an internal mechanism, produced the effect of a string quartet.

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