Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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The Most Polish of Polish Composers: Frederic Chopin 1810–1849 (New York, 1949)

Several articles on instrumentation in The Chesterian and Muzyka


Jarman, Thomas

(b Clipston, Northants., 21 Dec 1776; d Clipston, 19 Feb 1861). English composer. A tailor by trade, he was choir leader at the Baptist chapel in Clipston for the major part of his life, and is known to have played various instruments in the choir-band there and in the bands at churches around the area. His first collection, Sacred Music Volume One (London, 1803), includes the tune ‘Nativity’, which is now published in several nonconformist hymnbooks as ‘Lyngham’. Then followed three more collections of hymn tunes, together with a large number of anthems, often for church festivals. Later works include The Northamptonshire Harmony and a funeral anthem for his friend, Thomas Clark of Canterbury. Jarman organized village choral festivals in north Northamptonshire, and is supposed to have conducted the festival at Naseby in 1837 that included the first performance outside London of part of Perry's The Fall of Jerusalem, with metropolitan soloists and orchestral principals, the leader being George Perry himself. From around 1840 Jarman was in charge of the music at the Methodist chapel in Leamington, Warwickshire; he returned to Clipston several years later. His last known published work was A New Ode on Peace with Russia of 1856. Some anthems were published posthumously, the latest in 1904.

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