Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jarecki, Henryk

(b Warsaw, 6 Dec 1846; d Lwów, 18 Dec 1918). Polish composer, conductor and teacher. He took lessons in composition with Moniuszko at the Warsaw Music Institute from 1864, and also studied conducting, the double bass, organ (with Freyer) and piano. He played the double bass at the Wielki Theatre. In 1872 he was appointed deputy conductor and from 1877 to 1900 was principal conductor and director of the Opera Theatre in Lwów: it was through his artistic judgment and organizing ability that the Lwów Opera became the leading opera theatre in Poland. He produced Polish operas (including his own) as well as the first series in Poland of operas in the European repertory, among them Lohengrin. Between 1878 and 1900, for several months in the year, he visited Kraków with his company, also making occasional tours to Tarnów, Stanisławów and Warsaw. From 1902 he was for many years conductor of the Lutnia-Macierz orchestra and chorus at the Lwów Philharmonic. The majority of Jarecki’s works are vocal, in particular operas on subjects taken from Polish history and literature. These have certain dramatic qualities, though fundamentally his idiom is unoriginal and strongly influenced by Moniuszko (Mindowe is, however, the only contemporary Polish opera to approach Wagner in style). Most of Jarecki’s works remained in manuscript and were lost in World War II.


Stage: 9 ops, incl. Mazepa (after Słowacki), 1876; Mindowe (after Słowacki), 1879; Jadwiga królowa polska [Jadwiga, Queen of Poland], 1885; Powrót taty [The Father’s Return] (after Mickiewicz), 1895; List żelazny [The Iron Letter], 1901, PL-Wtm; incidental music

Other works: Sym.; Ov., 1871–3; 2 str qts; Pf Trio, 1868; Vc Sonata, 1871; pf pieces; masses, cants, songs

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