Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jardine, George

(b Dartford, 1 Nov 1801; d New York, 12 Feb 1882). American organ builder of English origin. Jardine was an apprentice with Flight & Robson. He emigrated to New York in 1837 with his nephew Frederick Wincott Jardine who later returned to England. He immediately began building small church organs and church barrel organs, the latter having been common in England during the period but never popular in America. One of these instruments, which plays from both a keyboard and barrels, dates from 1842, and is still in existence in Zion Church, Pierrepont Manor, New York. Only a year after Jardine’s arrival in New York, he received a gold medal from the American Institute for a church organ and a self-playing organ. In 1855 his son Edward G. Jardine (1830–96) joined the firm, which then became known as Jardine & Son. The son travelled widely, making several visits to Europe to study the work of Cavaillé-Coll and others. The result of these trips is evident in the transition of the firm’s work during the latter part of the 19th century from a style of design and voicing reminiscent of late 18th-century English work to one representing the fully fledged European Romantic idiom. Like other New York builders, Jardine’s work was widely distributed in New York and the Southern states, a notable instrument having been built in 1858 for the Catholic Cathedral in Mobile, Alabama. They built organs for the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (1856), St George’s Church (1870), St Patrick's Cathedral and St Michael’s Church (1893), all in New York. On Edward’s death, Charles Scott Jardine (1870–99), son of Frederick William Jardine (1835–82), became head of the firm, which was dissolved in 1900.

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