Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

Jarcha. The refrain of a Zajal. Jarda, Tudor

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The refrain of a Zajal.

Jarda, Tudor

(b Cluj, 11 Feb 1922). Romanian composer. He studied at the Cluj Conservatory (1941–8) with Bena and Surlaşiu for choral conducting, Ronay for orchestral conducting and Simonis for history. From 1945 to 1948 he was a trumpeter with the Romanian Opera in Cluj; in 1949 he was appointed professor of harmony at the conservatory; from 1954 to 1957 he served as secretary to the Cluj branch of the Composers’ Union; and, later, was director of the Romanian Opera (1975–81). His creative work is that of one deeply attached to the village musical life of Năsăud (he has conducted village choirs in Transylvania). In songs, choral pieces and operas he has begun from folk archetypes, using his contrapuntal skill and his gift for surprising harmonic progressions blending folk formulae; in particular, he has made effective use of the hăulituri, or instrumental-style vocalises. Two of his operas, Pădurea vulturilor (‘The Forest with Vultures’) and Dreptul la viaţă (‘The Power of Life’), use traditional patriotic songs.


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Neamul Şoimăreştilor [The Şoimaru Kin] (op, 3, I. Balea, after M. Sadoveanu), 1956, Cluj, 1 Nov 1956

Pădurea vulturilor [The Forest with Vultures] (op, 1, C. Rusu and P. Gâlmeanu), 1960, Cluj-Napoca, 9 May 1961; rev. 1964

Dreptul la viaţă [The Power of Life], 1965 (lyrical allegory, prol, 2, D. Drăgan), Cluj-Napoca, 20 Aug 1984

Hyperion (ballet, 4 scenes, I. Rîpă, I. Căpuşeanu), 1974

Priveliştile lumii (ballet), 1982

Inger şi demon [Angel and Demon] (op, 4, Pîrvu and Jarda, after M. Eminescu), 1988, Cluj-Napoca, 23 June 1989

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