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and other resources

K. Yanagida: Min’yō oboegaki [Notes on Japanese folksong] (Tokyo, 1940)

Nihon min'yō taikan [Anthology of Japanese folksongs] (Tokyo, 1944–88; reissued 1992–4 with 90 CDs)

Tōhoku min'yō-shū [Anthology of folksongs from the north-eastern district] (Tokyo, 1956–67) [pubn of Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai]

F. Koizumi: Nihon dentō ongaku no kenkyū [Studies in Japanese traditional music] (Tokyo, 1958/R)

K. Asano: Nihon no min'yō [Folksongs of Japan] (Tokyo, 1960)

M. Yamanoi: Fuzoku yakufu [Deciphering of fuzoku] (Tokyo, 1961)

D. Berger: Folk Songs of Japanese Children (Rutland, VT, 1969)

F. Koizumi, ed.: Warabeuta no kenkyū [Japanese children’s game songs] (Tokyo, 1969)

K. Machida and K. Asano, eds.: Warabeuta (Tokyo, 1973)

W. Malm: ‘Shoden: a Study in Tokyo Festival Music’, YIFMC, vii (1975), 44–66

F. Hoff: Song, Dance, Storytelling: Aspects of the Performing Arts in Japan (Ithaca, NY, 1978)

F. Koizumi: ‘Rhythm in Japanese Folk Music’, Musical Voices of Asia: Tokyo 1978, 108–19

R. Uchida: ‘Rice-Planting Music of Chindo (Korea) and the Chugoku Region (Japan)’, The Performing Arts: Music and Dance, ed. J. Blacking and J.W. Kealiinohomoku (The Hague, 1979), 109–17

T. Takami: ‘Method of Learning Folk Music and their Influence on the Music Itself: the Case of Etchū-Owara-bushi’, Preservation and Development of the Traditional Performing Arts: Tokyo 1980, 19–27

P.R. Isaku: Mountain Storm, Pine Breeze: Folk Song in Japan (Tucson, AZ, 1981)

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