Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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K. Inobe and others: Gidayū-bushi no yōshiki tenkai [The stylistic development of gidayū-bushi] (Tokyo, 1986)

I. Tsunoda and others: Bunraku no ongaku [Music of bunraku] (Tokyo, 1986)

A. Coaldrake: ‘Female Tayū in the Gidayū Narrative Tradition of Japan’, Women and Music in Cross-cultural Perspective, ed. E. Koskoff (New York, 1987), 151–61

C.A. Gerstle, K. Inobe and W.P. Malm: Theater as Music: the Bunraku Play ‘Mt. Imo and Mt. Se’ (Ann Arbor, 1990) [incl. cassettes of the complete act]


E. Ernst: The Kabuki Theatre , (London 1956/R)

W. Malm: Japanese Music and Musical Instruments (Tokyo, 1959/R)

J.R. Brandon: Kabuki: Five Classic Plays (Harvard, CT 1975)

W.P. Malm: ‘Four Seasons of the Old Mountain Woman: an Example of Japanese Nagauta Text Setting’, Journal of the American Oriental Society, xxxi/1 (1978), 83–117

S.L. Leiter: Kabuki Encyclopedia (Westport, CT, 1979)

W. Malm: Nagauta: the Heart of Kabuki Music (Tokyo, 1963)

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