Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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D. Keene: Bunraku: the Art of the Japanese Puppet Theatre (Tokyo and London, 1965)

E. Kikkawa: Nihon ongaku no rekishi [A history of Japanese music] (Tokyo and Osaka, 1965, 9/1974)

C.J. Dunn: The Early Japanese Puppet Drama (London, 1966)

Y. Inoura: A History of Japanese Theatre, ii: Bunraku and Kabuki (Tokyo, 1971)

Y. Kakiuchi: ‘The Tradition of Gidayū-bushi: a Study of Comparative Analysis of Okuri in Ehon-Taikōki 10 danme, Amagasaki-no-Dan’, Preservation and Development of the Traditional Performing Arts (Tokyo, 1981), 181–203

W.P. Malm: ‘A Musical Approach to the Study of Japanese Jōruri’, Chūshingura: Studies in Kabuki and the Puppet Theater, ed. J.R. Brandon (Honolulu, 1982), 59–110

K. Motegi: ‘Aural Learning in Gidayu-bushi, Music of the Japanese Puppet Theater’, YTM, xvi, (1984), 97–108

C. Yamada: ‘Gidayū-bushi ni okeru makura no ongaku gohō’ [On the melodic pattern makura in gidayū-bushi], Geinō no kagaku, xv (1984)

C.A. Gerstle: Circles of Fantasy: Conventions in the Plays of Chikamatsu (Cambridge, MA, 1986)

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