Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Y.M. Sokolov: Russian Folklore (New York, 1950), 726–43

A. Kekilbaev: Jambyl's Time: Life of a Century (Almaty, 1996) [in Eng., Russ. and Kazakh]



Flamenco-style song form of Andalusian origin. See Flamenco, Table 1.

Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

(b Kraków, 5 Nov 1939). Canadian pianist of Polish birth. He received his elementary musical training from his mother. When he was ten his family emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta. In 1957 he was a scholarship student at the summer music school at Aspen, Colorado, where Rosina Lhévinne heard him and accepted him as her pupil. Winner of the 1961 competition of the Jeunesses Musicales of Canada, he made his first extended tour of that country and performed with the Montreal SO under Zubin Mehta in Montreal (1962) and New York (1963). He has since played throughout Europe and the Americas, making his London début in 1969. He shows an affinity with 19th-century Romantic music, and has made many recordings of Chopin; he also gives intelligent and persuasive performances of 17th- and 18th-century keyboard music. In 1983 he was appointed to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and he has given masterclasses in Canada, the USA and Europe.


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