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BIBLIOGRAPHY and other resources history and aesthetics

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and other resources

history and aesthetics

F.T. Piggott: The Music and Musical Instruments of Japan (London, 1893, 2/1909/R)

H. Tanabe: Japanese Music (Tokyo, 1929, 3/1960)

K. Machida: ‘Japanese Music and Dance’, Japanese Music and Drama in the Meiji Era, ed. T. Komiya (Tokyo, 1956), 329–448

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S. Kishibe: The Traditional Music of Japan (Tokyo, 1966/R, 2/1982/R)

P. Arnott: The Theatres of Japan (London, 1969)

P. Landy: Japon, les traditions musicales (Paris, 1970)

Y. Inoura and T. Kawatake: A History of Japanese Theater (Tokyo, 1971, rev. 2/1981 as The Traditional Theater of Japan)

E. Harich-Schneider: A History of Japanese Music (London, 1973)

W.P. Malm: ‘Chinese Music in Nineteenth Century Japan’, AsM, vi (1975), 147–72

Asian Musics in an Asian Perspective: Tokyo 1976

Studien zur traditionellen Musik Japans (Kassel, 1977–)

Musical Voices of Asia: Tokyo 1978

T. Havens: Artist and Patron in Postwar Japan (Princeton, NJ, 1982)

E. Kikkawa: Vom Charakter der Japanischen Musik (Kassel, 1984)

W.P. Malm: Six Hidden Views of Japanese Music (Berkeley, 1986)

G. Tsuge: Japanese Music: an Annotated Bibliography (New York, 1986)

E. Kikkawa: ‘The Musical Sense of the Japanese’, CMR, i/2 (1987), 85–94

L. Fujie: ‘A Comparison of Cultural Policies Towards Traditional Music in the United States and Japan’, Music in the Dialogue of Cultures: Berlin 1988, 68–76

A. Tamba: La théorie et l’esthétique musicale japonaises du 8e au 19e siècle (Paris, 1988)

E. Kikkawa: Nihon ongaku bunkashi [A cultural history of Japanese music] (Osaka, 1989)

L. Fujie: ‘East Asia/Japan’, Worlds of Music, ed. J.T. Titon (New York, 2/1992), 318–75

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