Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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other secular vocal



Twelve Songs, 1v, 2 vn, [va], bc (c1755)


[Invocation and 6] Elegies, 4vv, bc (c1760)


Twelve Songs, 1v, 2 vn, [va, 2 hn], bc (c1765)


Twelve Songs, 1v, 2 vn, [va, 2 fl, 2 hn], bc (c1770)


An Ode to Fancy (Warton), S, T, 4vv, orch (c1770), incl. an ov.


Twelve Canzonets, 2vv, bc (1770), the Linley edn (c1797) adds a canzonet no.13


Six Quartets, 4vv, bc (c1775), arrs. of songs: 4 by Arne, 1 by Greene, 1 by Jackson


A Second Set of Twelve Canzonets, 2vv, bc (c1782)


Twelve Pastorals, 2vv, bc (1786)


Twelve Songs, 1v, pf/str (c1790)


Six Epigrams, 2–4vv, pf (c1795)


Six Madrigals, 2–4vv, pf (c1798)


Numerous songs and canzonets from opp.1, 4, 7, 9, 13, 15 and 16, pubd singly and in 18th-century anthologies; other songs and partsongs in 18th-century anthologies

Queen of every moving measure, song, in W. Seward: Anecdotes of some Distinguished Persons, iv (London, 1796), 180–85

sacred vocal



An Anthem selected from the Psalms [‘Hear me O God’] and an Ode written by Pope [‘A dying Christian to his Soul’], 4vv, 2 vn, va, bc (1766), the Ode scored for 4vv, bc


[Twelve] Hymns, 3vv, bc (1768), also possible for 1v, bc


Anthems, services and hymn tunes in GB-EXc, Lbl, Lcm, some ed. J. Paddon, William Jackson: Anthems and Church Services (London, 1819)




Six Sonatas, hpd, vn (c1757)


Eight Sonatas, hpd, 2 vn, va, vc (c1773)


Concerto in 7 parts, str, c1749, cited in K. Mummery, Catalogue of Music N.S.11 (Bournemouth, 1957)

Fairy Fantasies, ?insts, mentioned by Burney and others, ?lost


Thirty Letters on Various Subjects (London, 1783, 3/1795); nos.8, 10, 17 with a brief memoir in The Harmonicon, viii (1830), 355–8

Observations on the Present State of Music in London (London, 1791); extracts in The Harmonicon, iv (1826), 46–7

‘Handel’, in W. Seward: Anecdotes of some Distinguished Persons, iv (London, 3/1796), 467 only

The Four Ages together with Essays on Various Subjects (London, 1798/R)

‘William Jackson of Exeter, Musician’, Leisure Hour, xxxi (1882), 273–8, 360–62, 433–6, 504–6, 569–71, 620–25, 718–20 [an autobiography, journal of the tour of 1785, essays on Gainsborough and Reynolds, letters from Gainsborough to Jackson; based on papers inherited by Jackson’s grandson]

?A First Book for Performers on Keyed Instruments [cited by early biographers as an anonymous work of Jackson but not authenticated]

Anonymous review of BurneyH, iii, iv in Critical Review, lxviii (1789), 94–103, lxx (1790), 618–32

‘A Short Sketch of my own Life’, Gainsborough's House Review (Sudbury, 1996–7), 57–113 [autobiography and tour notes from Jackson autograph MS, incl. reproductions of sketches made on the tour of 1785]

Other anonymous reviews and critical essays must exist but have so far not been identified

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