Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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La BordeE


N. Bricaire de La Dixmérie: Lettres sur l’état present de nos spectacles (Paris, 1765)

C.P. Ducancel: Mémoire pour J.F. Lesueur (Paris, 1802)

G.J. Shaw: The Violoncello Sonata Literature in France during the Eighteenth Century (diss., Catholic U. of America, Washington DC, 1963)

S. Milliot: Le violoncelle en France au XVIII siècle (Paris, 1985)

V. Walden: An Investigation and Comparison of the French and Austro-German Schools of Violoncello Bowing Techniques: 1785–1839 (diss., U. of Auckland, 1993)

V. Walden: One Hundred Years of Violoncello: a History of Performance Practice, 1740–1840 (Cambridge, 1998)


Janson, Louis-Auguste-Joseph.

French cellist and composer, brother of Janson, Jean-Baptiste-Aimé Joseph.

Jansons, Arvīds [Arvid]

(b Liepāja, 24 Oct 1914; d Manchester, 21 Nov 1984). Latvian conductor. He studied the violin at the Liepāja Conservatory (1929–35) and the violin, and composition at the Riga Latvian Conservatory (1940–44) while playing as a violinist in the Riga Opera orchestra; he also studied conducting with Leo Blech. His conducting début was in Swan Lake at Riga in 1944, after which he was appointed resident conductor; he won second prize in the 1946 USSR conductors' competition and from 1947 to 1952 conducted the Latvian RO. In 1952 he became conductor of the Leningrad PO, with which he toured abroad; he also conducted leading orchestras throughout the USSR, most European countries (including regular appearances with the Hallé), Australia and Japan (where he was honorary conductor of the Tokyo SO). He had a wide-ranging orchestral repertory centring on Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, which he conducted with intellectual power and sensitivity, and a blend of constructive clarity and inspired intensity. His performances were also notable for analytical discernment and sensitive phrasing. From 1965 he held regular conducting courses at the international music seminars in Weimar, Turku (Finland) and Arvika (Sweden). From 1972 until his death he was director of the conductors' class at the Leningrad Conservatory.

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