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Neapolitan Keyboard Composers, ca. 1600, CEKM, xxiv (1967)

with B. Meier: Luca Marenzio: Opera omnia, CMM, lxxii (1976–83)

A Neapolitan Festa a Ballo (1620), RRMBE, xxv (1978)


M. Cole and J. Koegel, eds.: Music in Performance and Society: Essays in Honor of Roland Jackson (Warren, MI, 1997)


Jackson, Walker

(d Ballingarry, Co. Limerick, late Feb/March 1798). Irish musician and composer. He was a member of a wealthy landed family long established in Co. Limerick, a Justice of the Peace, and also the president of a convivial Limerick society Cuideachta gan Cúram (company without care). He was an early composer for the uilleann pipes, which had not reached their fully developed form in his time. The jig Jackson's Morning Brush, his most famous tune, and one of several of his compositions still played traditionally, was composed in the 1770s and published in gentlemen's magazines of the decade. He also wrote Jackson's Turret, named after the tower in which he lived in Ballingarry.

A Collection of Favourite Irish Tunes composed by W. Jackson Esq. was advertised in the Hibernian Journal of 3 March 1780 as published by John Lee of Dublin, but no copy of this work is known to survive. About 1790 it appears to have been reprinted as Jackson's Celebrated Irish Tunes, which contains 13 pieces, almost all double jigs. It is interesting that Jackson composed no reels or hornpipes, which first came into the Irish tradition from Britain in the 18th century. The collection was pirated and individual tunes were frequently printed in other collections. Through confusion with another later Jackson, a Co. Monaghan musician, far more tunes have been credited to Walker Jackson than he composed.


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