Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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P. Gossett: The Operas of Rossini: Problems of Textual Criticism in Nineteenth-Century Opera (diss., Princeton U., 1970), 595


Janetton, La.

See Brown, William.

Jang, Jon

(b Los Angeles, 11 March 1954). Chinese-American composer and jazz pianist. After only a year and a half of piano lessons, he was accepted into the Oberlin College Conservatory (BMus 1978), where he studied the piano with Wilbur Price and composition with Wendell Logan. In 1982, after attending the first Asian American Jazz Festival in San Francisco, he co-founded AsianImprov aRts and Records, an organization promoting music born out of the Asian American experience. He has lectured on Asian American music at the University of California’s Berkeley (1992–5, 1997) and Irvine (1995) campuses. As a composer, pianist and artistic director, Jang has broken down barriers and expanded genre definitions. His style is characterized by a compelling mix of diverse influences and sounds: Chinese folk melodies and instruments, Philippine kulintang, Japanese modes and taiko drums are all used in a variety of contemporary contexts. A pioneer in the integration of jazz and classical music, Jang has had his compositions performed in major concert halls and jazz festivals internationally.


(selective list)

Conc., jazz ens, taiko drums, perc, 1988; SenseUs-the Rainbow Anthem, nar, fl, trbn, pf, perc, db, 1990; Tiananmen!, jazz ens, Chin. insts, 1992; Color of Reality, jazz sextet, Chin. insts, 1993; Woman Warrior (incid music), 1994; Island (Immigrant Suite no.1), nar, ens, 1995; My America … Honk if you love Buddha (film score), 1995; Island (Immigrant Suite no.2), Cantonese op singer, str qt, 1996

MSS in US-NYamc

Principal publisher: Zhang Music

Principal recording company: Soul Note


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