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Jackson, Richard (Hammel)

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Jackson, Richard (Hammel)

(b New Orleans, 15 Feb 1936). American music librarian and musicologist. He studied the organ at Loyola University (BM 1958), musicology at Tulane University (MA 1962), and library science at Pratt Institute (MSLS 1968). After holding positions at the New Orleans Public Library (1958–9), the Maxwell Music Library at Newcomb College, Tulane University (1959–62) and the library of the New School for Social Research (1962–5), he became head of the Americana Collection in the music division of the New York Public Library (1965–91), where he has prepared exhibitions on Copland, Carter, Gottschalk and the New York PO, among other subjects. As a musicologist, Jackson specializes in 19th- and early 20th-century American classical and popular music. He has edited collections of Gottschalk’s piano music (1973) and Stephen Foster’s songs (1974), and in 1976 published the anthology Popular Songs of 19th-Century America; he also acted as editorial consultant for the collected works of Scott Joplin and for the publications of the Wa-Wan press. His other publications include articles in a number of journals, two bibliographies of American music (1973, 1977); he co-edited The Little Book of Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1976). He was associate editor of the American Choral Review (1967–91).

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