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Jander, Owen (Hughes)

(b Mt Kisco, NY, 4 June 1930). American musicologist. He received the BA in 1951 at the University of Virginia, where he worked with Stephen D. Tuttle. At Harvard University he studied with Nino Pirrotta and took the MA in 1952 and the PhD in 1962. In 1960 he joined the faculty of the department of music at Wellesley College, where he was named Catherine Mills Davis Professor of Music; he retired from Wellesley in 1992. Jander’s principal interest has been 17th-century Italian vocal music, especially the works of Alessandro Stradella. He has guided the progress of the Wellesley Edition Cantata Index Series, a bibliographic key issued in loose-leaf format to facilitate addition and correction and whose entries may be converted to card files by those working with the wealth of cantata literature in the 17th century. Since 1965 Jander has also been general editor of the Wellesley Edition, a more general series than its bibliographic counterpart. In the 1980s he began work on the music of Beethoven, concentrating particularly on extra-musical elements in the instrumental music.

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