Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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A. Olivier and K. Weingartz-Perschel: Komponistinnen von A–Z (Düsseldorf, 1988)

R. Sperber and U. Feld: 5 Jahre internationales Festival Komponistinnen, gestern – heute und 5th International Congress on Women in Music (Heidelberg, 1989), 199–204


Jancourt, (Louis Marie) Eugène

(b Château-Thierry, Aisne, 15 Dec 1815; d Boulogne-sur-Seine, 29 Jan 1901). French bassoonist and teacher. After completing his studies at the Paris Conservatoire with François René Gebauer in 1836, he enjoyed a brilliant career as a bassoonist until 1869, occupying the most important orchestral positions in Paris. At the same time he made frequent appearances as a soloist, making good the lack of a suitable repertory by composing and arranging much music for his instrument. He also carried out over a period of years a number of improvements to the bassoon, in collaboration with various Paris makers. These were adopted at the Conservatoire, where he taught (1875–91), and subsequently became standardized on the French instrument. The most prolific composer of all time for the bassoon, Jancourt published 116 works, including numerous solo pieces, works for wind band, and a Grande méthode (Paris, 1847) containing studies and duet sonatas. These still represent a legacy of unique value. His playing was notable for its purity and for a charm of sound which, in its resemblance to the human voice, avoided all elements of the grotesque.


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