Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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K. Mlejnek: Smetanovci, Janáčkovci a Vlachovci [The Smetana, Janáček and Vlach Quartets] (Prague, 1962), 51–96

J. Vratislavský: Janáčkovo kvarteto [The Janáček Quartet] (Prague, 1975)

J. Kozák: Komorní soubory: Čeští koncertní umělci [Chamber ensembles: Czech concert artists] (Prague, 1987), 71–2


Janárčeková, Viera

(b Svit, 23 Sept 1941). Slovak composer. She studied the piano at the Bratislava Conservatory (1956–61) before attending the Prague Academy of Musical Arts, where she studied with Zuzana Růžičková. She also attended Rudolf Firkušný’s piano masterclasses in Lucerne. From 1972 she taught and performed in Germany, settling there in the late 1970s. In 1981 she became a freelance (self-taught) composer, painter and performer. She has developed new instrumental techniques and methods of notation (such as graphic scores). Characteristics of her work include the incorporation of moments of improvisation into fixed musical systems, rhythmic build-ups and the balancing of tension. The overall form of a work tends to be streamlined while its parts are more mobile; her works also feature structured transitions between sound and noise.

Two radio plays have received awards, and her Lieder auf der Flucht won first prize in the women composers’ competition at Unna in 1987. She also won two prizes at the Mannheim international competition for women composers in 1994, first prize at the Bratislava chamber music competition in 1996 and the Wolfgang Zippel prize in 1997.


(selective list)

Radio drama: Biomasse, 39 spkr, tpt, crotales, crumhorn, rec, tpt, tuba, clvd, pf, vib, synth, perc, str, ‘noises’, 1984

Inst: Holzkohle für das Feuerbecken einer Winternacht, 6 Haiku, spkr, fl, cl, pf, perc, 1983; Schlaflosigkeit, 3 movts, cl, ob, bn, 2 hn, pf, 1983; 3 str qts: no.1, 1983, no.2 ‘Vom Kahlschlag zur Lichtung’, 1984–5, no.3 ‘Ernstfall’, 1985–6; Heftige Landschaft mit dreizehn Bäumen, str orch, 1987; Pausenfabrik, cl, b cl, trbn, pf, perc, db, 1986–7; Str Qt no.4, 1989; Beschattungstheater, 4 vc, 1990; Phoenix, 8 vc, 1990; Verkalkung und Jungbrunnen, ob, eng hn, cl, b cl, 2 hn, bn, dbn, 1990; Pf Conc., 1990–91; Unterirdisch, vn, pf, 1991; Str Qt no.5, 1992; Gianozzo, orch, 1993; Ozeanische Sekunde, orch, 1994; Yan, hn, 1995; Aschenputtel-Trio, cl, vc, pf, 1996; Banyan, trbn, b cl, 1996; Dotyk, orch, 1996; Str Qt no.6, 1996–7; Pulsator-Trio, fl, vc, pf, 1997; Joriki-Makyo, vc, 1997; Quintessenzen, conc., b fl, str, 1998; Str Qt no.7, 1998; Zusammenhang mit Sprung, org; [12] Abgestaubte Saiten, pf; Duo extatico, vn, pf, 1999; Baumhorcher-Trio, fl, gui, perc, 1999

Vocal: Ohr: 4 Gesänge (U. Holbein), T, fl, eng hn, pf, 1983–5; Bibeltextvertonungen, spkr, 11 str, synth, 1984; Sarastralien, T, B-Bar, orch, 1984–5; Melodramen (Holbein), 1987; Lieder auf der Flucht (I. Bachmann), Mez, 3 fl + pic + b fl, tpt, hn, trbn, hp, perc, 1987; Donna Laura (dramatic scene, C. Brückner), Mez, 15 insts, 1988–9; Zwischen on und off, 1v, fl, ob, cl, pf, 1989; Der Geheimnisvolle Nachen (F. Nietzsche), Mez, vc, 1989; 6 Siebenschläferinnen, 6 solo female vv, 1990; Dzing dajdom (Slovak trad.), A, fl, cl, vn, vc, cimb, 1997

Principal publishers: Furore, Tonger-Verlag, Sonoton

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