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Jackson, John

(d Wells, March 1688). English organist and composer. His name first appears as informator choristarum at Ely Cathedral for a single quarter in 1669. The following year he moved to Norwich as Master of the Choristers, thence in 1674 to Wells, where he was appointed organist and vicar-choral on 9 September. He was also made Master of the Choristers, though perhaps not immediately; thus, in 1678–9 he was paid £10 as organist, £20 as Master of the Choristers and £23 ‘in augmentation’, the latter presumably his share of the vicars’ revenues. His widow Dorothea was granted administration of his estate in December 1689.

Jackson’s Service in C survives in score (GB-Ob Tenbury 1020), but much of his church music is incomplete as it stands. However, a fair idea of its style can be gained from an organbook (Lcm 673), which obviously hails from Wells. It is probably in his hand, and also contains some chants (the ‘Welles Tunes’), four of which are by him. Two of his smaller anthems were printed in John Playford’s Cantica Sacra (RISM 16742), and Tudway included Hallelujah, the Lord said unto my Lord in his collection (Lbl Harl. 7338). There is ‘A Simphony by Mr. John Jackson’ in Musicks Hand-Maide (2/c1668), and a suite of instrumental pieces in Wells Cathedral (Vicars’ Choral 9). A number of convival catches are in Playford’s The Second Book of the Pleasant Musical Companion (RISM 16864).


GB–Lcm refers to the Wells organbook Lcm 673

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