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H. James: A Catalog of the Musical Works of Philip James (1890–1975) (New York,1980, suppl. Southampton, NY, 1984)


James Taylor Quartet [JTQ].

British funk-jazz group. Led by James Taylor on the Hammond organ, it spearheaded the acid jazz movement of the mid-1990s. Leading the changes to dance music and pop caused by acid house, their instrumental début LP included furious organ reworkings of the theme to the television series ‘Starsky and Hutch’. The cornerstone of their next album, Mission Impossible (Re-elect the President, 1987), was also a cover of a theme tune; it was followed by The Moneyspyder (Re-elect the President, 1987), Wait a Minute (Urban, 1988), The First 64 Minutes (1988) and Get Organised (Pol., 1989). JTQ continued to release albums between 1990 and 1995, notably Do Your Own Thing (Pol., 1990) and In the Hands of the Inevitable (Acid Jazz, 1995), and toured the UK and Europe. Their live shows became a focus of the acid jazz movement – an antidote to the increasing use of technology in dance music – producing albums such as Absolute, The JTQ Live (both 1991) and The BBC Sessions (Nightracks, 1995). JTQ struggled to cross-over into mainstream success, recording

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