Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Orch: Col. Averill March, band, 1917; Ov. in Olden Style on French Noëls, 1926; Song of the Night, sym. poem, 1931; Station WGZBX, suite, 1931; Suite, vn, vc, db, str orch, 1933; Bret Harte Ov. no.3, 1934; Gwalia (A Welsh Rhapsody), 1937; Festal March ‘Perstare et praestare’, band, 1942; Sym. no.1, 1943; E.F.G. Ov., band, 1944; Sym. no.2, 1946; Miniver Cheevy and Richard Cory (melodramas), spkr, orch, 1947; Fanfare and Ceremonial, march, band, 1955

Chbr and solo inst: Pensée d’automne, org, 1907; Meditation à Ste Clotilde, org, 1915; Fête, org, 1921; Org Sonata no.1, 1929; Suite, ww qnt, 1936; Alleluia-Toccata, 1949; Passacaglia on an Old Cambrian Bass, org, 1951; Requiescat in pace, org, 1955


Sacred choral (all with org): Mag and Nunc, D, S, T, B, SATB, 1910; By the Waters of Babylon (Ps cxxxvii), anthem, 1920; The Nightingale of Bethlehem (cant., F.H. Martens) S, A, B, SATB, 1920; The Lord is My Shepherd (Ps xxiii), anthem, S, SATB, 1926; Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding (16th-century, trans. E. Caswall), anthem, 1958; Mass in Honor of St Mark, rev. 1966

Secular choral: I Know a Maiden Fair to See (H.W. Longfellow), madrigal, SATB, 1913; General William Booth Enters into Heaven (V. Lindsay), TTBB, tpt, trbn, perc, 2 pf/(pf, org), 1932; The World of Tomorrow (V. Hitchcock, rev. H. Thompson) (cant.), SATB, orch, 1938; Skyscraper Romance (A. Bonner) (cant.), S, B, SSA, pf, 1949; Chorus of Shepherds and Angels (W.H. Auden) (cant.), SSA, str orch, 1956

Solo (all 1v, pf): Transit (A.McC. Sholl), 1914; Evening (W. Griffith), 1919; The Victory Riders (T. Garrison), ballad, Bar, 1919; My Heart is Like a Sweet-Toned Lute (Martens), 1927; Uncertainty (M. Moore), 1945

MSS, diaries and memorabilia in US-STO

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