Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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A. Korsakova: Uzbekskiy Opernïy Teatr (Tashkent, 1961)

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K. Alimbayeva: ‘Muzïkal'naya drama’, Istoriya uzbekskoy sovetskoy muzïki (Tashkent, 1972–3)

T. Vïzgo: ‘Opera’, ibid.

I. Akbarov: Tohtasïn Dzhalilov (Tashkent, 1974)

A. Djabbarov and T. Solomonova: Kompozitorï i muzïkovedï Uzbekistana [Composers and musicologists of Uzbekistan] (Tashkent, 1975)


Jalowetz, Heinrich

(b Brno, 3 Dec 1882; d Black Mountain, NC, 2 Feb 1946). Austrian conductor. He grew up in Vienna and studied at the university there with Guido Adler, completing the doctorate (1908) with a dissertation on Beethoven's early melodic technique (SIMG, xii, 1910–11, 417–74). Together with Berg and Webern, with whom he shared a lifelong friendship, he was one of the first disciples of Schoenberg. He held appointments at opera theatres in Wiesbaden, Regensburg, Danzig, Stettin, Prague, Vienna, Cologne and Liberec. After his emigration to the USA in 1939 he taught music history and theory at Black Mountain College near Asheville, North Carolina. A renowned conductor in the Mahler and Zemlinsky tradition, Jalowetz gave the first Berlin performance of Schoenberg's Gurrelieder in 1923. Among his compositions and arrangements are songs and stage music for Traumstück and Traumtheater by Karl Kraus, a piano score for Zemlinsky's opera Der Zwerg (1921) and a four hand piano version of Schoenberg's Pelleas und Melisande (1924). His writings include articles on Berg, Webern, Zemlinsky and Schoenberg.

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