Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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(Fr. sautereau; Ger. Docke, Springer; It. salterello).

(1) The essential part of a harpsichord action that carries the plectrum past the string, plucking it and making it sound (see Harpsichord, fig.1).

(2) The pivoted vertical lever in a piano action that forces the hammer upward when the key is depressed (see Pianoforte, figs.32 and 33).

Jackslide [guide, slide].

The wooden, slotted strip which guides the jacks and holds them in position. It is either of one-piece construction (a Boxslide) or two-piece. In the two-piece design the top slide (upper guide) is usually movable and the lower guide fixed (see Harpsichord, fig.1). In 18th-century French instruments the guides were often covered with leather, with punched slots as the bearing surface for the jacks, in order to reduce action noise. The term ‘register’ is sometimes used to denote a jackslide.

See also Registration, §II.

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