Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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MGG1 (T. Langner)

D. Ewen, ed.: Composers since 1900: a Biographical and Critical Guide (New York, 1969, suppl. 1981)


Jurayev, Sheraly

(b Muday, Fergana Basin, 12 Dec 1947). Uzbek singer. He absorbed the ideas about Uzbek traditional vocal style elaborated by Hofez Kamildjan Ataniyazov of Khorezm and the Andijan Hofez Mamurjan Uzzakov. Jurayev studied at the Uzbek State Institute of Theatre Art (1967–72) and performed as an actor and singer in films and in the theatre. He has since devoted himself to performing at weddings, creating a unique presentation with a dramatic flavour at each wedding. He is noted for his skill in improvisation. His repertory comprises approximately 600 songs, about half of which are his own compositions; his performances include songs in a classical style setting the work of mystical medieval poets, songs influenced by the music of neighbouring countries including Afghanistan, India, Turkey and Pakistan, and modern lyrical songs, many of which have gained widespread popularity. In 1981 the Uzbek government awarded him the title of Honoured Artist of Uzbekistan, and his vocal style has been imitated by wedding singers throughout Uzbekistan.


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