Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

Jungbauer, Coelestin [Ferdinand]

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Jungbauer, Coelestin [Ferdinand]

(b Grattersdorf, Bavaria, 6 July 1747; d Ingolstadt, 25 March 1823). German priest and composer. The son of a church musician, he received his first musical training at home, and his basic academic and musical education in the Benedictine monastery at Niederaltaich, Bavaria. Later he studied philosophy and theology at Freising and Salzburg. In 1769 he entered the Benedictine order at Niederaltaich and in 1772 was ordained priest. He taught poetry in the Gymnasium at Straubing (from 1781) and Amberg (1784), was the parish priest of Dettingen, near Metzingen (1785), and Grossmehring, near Ingolstadt (1788), and priest of the Liebfrauenmünster, Ingolstadt (1817). Jungbauer composed sacred and secular vocal works, mainly during the period 1785–1800. His religious works, modelled on those of Michael Haydn, reflect the endeavours of the Enlightenment in their sentimental parallel 3rds and 6ths and in their German texts.


German, published at Straubing, n.d., unless otherwise stated

Sacred: 6 masses, 1–3vv, org, 1 ed. K. Ruhland (Altötting, 1989); 3 lits, 1–3vv, org, ad lib 2 hn; mass songs, 1v, org; 4 vespers, 1–3vv, org; Te Deum, 1v, org (n.p., n.d.); Stabat mater (trans. Wieland), 4vv, org, ad lib 2 hn, bn (Regensburg, n.d.); Miserere (trans. Mendelssohn), 4vv, org, ad lib 2 hn (Regensburg, n.d.)

Secular, 1v, pf: Deutsche Lieder (8 vols., Nuremberg and Leipzig, 1782; Augsburg, n.d.), mentioned in Gerber; Schwäbisches Herbstlied, Das betende Kind, Lied auf den Erzherzog Karl (Augsburg, 1798)

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