Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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A. Cataldo: ‘La Simona di Benedetto Junck’, La Scala, no.64 (15 March 1955), 62–3

S. Martinotti: Ottocento strumentale italiano (Bologna, 1972)


Junckers, Gosse

(fl first half of the 16th century). Netherlandish composer who may be identifiable with Maistre Gosse.


See Giunta family.

Jung, Hermann

(b Munich, 12 Sept 1943). German musicologist. After completing a degree in music education at the Heidelberg-Mannheim Musikhochschule in 1969, he studied musicology at Heidelberg University, where he worked as research assistant from 1972. He took the doctorate at Heidelberg in 1976 and in 1980 joined the faculty of the Musikhochschule as a music theory and history teacher. In 1983 he was appointed professor of musicology at the Musikhochschule. Jung is known primarily for his research on 18th-century music (particularly the Mannheim School), the history of the pastoral and symbolism in music and art.

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