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Juilliard, Augustus D.

(b19 April 1836; d New York, 25 April 1919). American music patron. The son of Huguenot refugees, he was born on board a ship bound for the USA. He became a salesman and eventually founded his own textile firm, A.D. Juilliard & Co., which became the leading house in the USA. Between 1892 and his death he was president of the Metropolitan Opera and Real Estate Company; he also served as director or manager of many large American banks.

In his will Juilliard provided for a Juilliard Musical Foundation with an endowment of some $12 million, at that time the largest gift to music that had been recorded; he stipulated that the fund be used to support the Metropolitan Opera, finance concerts and assist deserving students. The foundation’s first secretary, Eugene Allen Noble (1868–1948), set up a conservatory in 1924, the Juilliard Graduate School; on its amalgamation with the Institute of Musical Art in 1946 its name was changed to the Juilliard School of Music.

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