Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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G.D. Pike: The Jubilee Singers and their Campaign for Twenty Thousand Dollars (Boston, 1873/R1973)

J.B.T. Marsh: The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with their Songs (London, 1875, 3/1892 with suppl.) [with music]

T. Rutling: Tom: an Autobiography (London, 1907)

E.S. Moore: ‘Forty Years After’, Fisk News (December 1911), 41

‘John Work: Martyr and Singer’, Crisis, xxxii (1926), 32

The Story of Music at Fisk University (Nashville, TN, 1936)

A. Bontemps: Chariot in the Sky (Philadelphia, 1951)

J. Lovell, Jr: Black Song: the Story of how the Afro-American Spiritual was Hammered out (New York, 1972)

W. Garcia: The Life and Choral Music of John Wesley Work (1901–1967) (diss., U. of Iowa, 1972)

G. Southall: ‘Black Composers and Religious Music’, BPiM, ii (1974), 45–50

T. Riis: ‘The Cultivated White Tradition and Black Music in Nineteenth-century America: a Discussion of some Articles in J.S. Dwight’s Journal of Music’, BPiM, iv (1976), 156–76

J.M. Richardson: A History of Fisk University, 1865–1946 (University, AL, 1980)

D.J. Epstein: ‘The Story of the Jubilee Singers: an introduction to its Bibliographic History’, Essays in Honor of Eileen Southern, J. Wright and S.A. Floyd jr, eds. (Warren, MI, 1992)


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