Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jagamas, János

(b Dej, 8 June 1913; d Cluj-Napoca, 15 Sept 1997). Romanian-Hungarian musicologist and composer. After studying composition at the conservatory in Cluj (now Cluj-Napoca) (1936–40) he studied under Albert Siklós and János Viski at the Budapest Academy of Music and was a folk music research pupil of Kodály (1941–2). In 1948 he became director of the Cluj Conservatory and subsequently held posts as fellow (1949–60) and director (1956–8) of the Cluj section of the Folklore Institute, senior fellow at the Hungarian Arts Institute in Cluj (1949–50) and lecturer (1951–65) and senior lecturer (1965–76) at the Cluj Academy of Music teaching folklore, musical form and counterpoint. Jagamas collected over 6000 Hungarian and Romanian folksongs in Transylvania and the Moldau region, and was a leading specialist in East European folk music research: his chief interests were the history of folk music collecting, the relationship of folk music to art music and questions of national musical language. He also worked on the modernization of music education. His folksong arrangements include Öt gyermekkar három szólamra (‘Five Three-Part Children’s Choruses’, Bucharest, 1955). He was awarded the Széchenyi Prize in 1993.

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