Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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A. Lualdi: ‘Giacondo e il suo re di C. Jachino al Dal Verme’, Serate musicali (Milan, 1928), 130–35

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Jachmann-Wagner, Johanna.

See Wagner family, (2).

Jacinto, Frei

(fl early–mid-18th century). Portuguese composer. Only his ‘Sonatas para Cravo do Sr. Francisco Xavier Baptista’ survive (in the National Library, Lisbon). Their style indicates that he may have been a contemporary of Carlos de Seixas and Domenico Scarlatti, so it is possible that most of his compositions were lost in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. His sonatas or toccatas, which emphasize Baroque motivic play rather than galant simplicity, compare favourably with the best of Seixas’s works. One (ed. M.S. Kastner, Cravistas portuguezes, i, Mainz, 1935) is in binary form and shares with several of Seixas’s sonatas a return to the tonic before the first double bar. The other (ed. Kastner, Cravistas portuguezes, ii, Mainz, 1950) is an undivided but repeated movement with patterns of note repetition identical with those in Seixas’s sonata no.50 (PM, x, 1965).


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