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doubtful and misattributed works

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doubtful and misattributed works


Mass sections

Ritual works


Secular works

Josquin des Prez: Works


Missa ‘Allez regretz’ (i)



Mis.iv: 43, no.20

on Hayne van Ghizeghem’s chanson; attrib. ‘Jo. de Pratis’ (?= Stokem) in D-Ju 21; rhythm and treatment of model untypical

Missa ‘Allez regretz’ (ii)



CMM, xv/1 (1958)

by Compère; attrib. Josquin in D-LEu Thomaskirche 51

Missa ‘Da pacem’



Mis.iv: 34, no.19

on plainchant ant; attrib. Josquin in 15392, E-Tc 19, etc.; attrib. Bauldeweyn in D-Mbs Mus.ms.7, and probably by him; see Sparks (1972)

Missa ‘Dirige’



CMM, xcvii/2 (1992)

by La Rue (Missa ‘Cum jocunditate’); attrib. Josquin in I-Ma E.46 inf.

Missa ferialis



RRMMA, xxxiv (1999)

by Martini; attrib. Josquin in 15051

Missa ‘L’homme armé’ [quarti toni]



CMM, xv/1 (1958)

by Compère; attrib. Josquin in D-LEu Thomaskirche 51, Mbs Mus.ms.3154

Missa ‘Missus est angelus’



J.G. Chapman (diss., New York U., 1964)

by Moulu; attrib. Josquin in D-ROu Mus.saec.XVI-40

Missa ‘Mon seul plaisir’ [‘Monseur plaisair/phaisair’]



on Ninot’s chanson; only T and B survive in unique source, D-LEu Thomaskirche 51; counterpoint untypical

Missa pro defunctis


lost; cited by Listenius, Musica (1537), as exhibiting perfect minor mode in several sections

Missa pro defunctis



CMM, lxxxi/1 (1979)

by Richafort; attrib. Josquin in NL-Lml 1440

Missa ‘Quem dicunt homines’



on Richafort’s motet; only in I-Ma E.46 inf.; not by Divitis as stated by Osthoff (1962–5) following Smijers; style generally untypical

Missa ‘Rosina’



Ward (1983)

? on anon. lied; inc.: T complete (anon.) in CH-Bu F.IX.55, all 4 vv of Cr (attrib. Josquin) in Faber, Ad musicam practicam introductio (1550), etc.; rejected by Ward and NJE

Missa ‘Sub tuum praesidium’



CMM, xcvii/6 (1996)

by La Rue; attrib. Josquin in 15392

Missa ‘Veni Sancte Spiritus’



Messzyklen der frühprotestischen Kirche in Leipzig, ed. L. Youens (Tutzing, 1984)

on plainchant sequence; attrib. Josquin in unreliable D-ROu Mus.saec.XVI-49; counterpoint and texture untypical

Josquin des Prez: Works

Mass sections

Kyrie paschale



only in tablature PL-Wn 564

Gloria [de Beata Virgine]



D.G. Loach (diss., U. of California, Berkeley, 1969)

on troped plainchant; inc.: Sup complete (attrib. Josquin) in CH-SGs 463, all 3 vv of trope ‘Primogenitus Mariae Virginis matris’ (anon., textless) in Glarean (15471); style anomalous

Credo ‘Chascun me crie’ [de rouges nes]



Mis.iv: 50, Fm no.5

on ?monophonic chanson; untypical repetition and use of model; accepted by NJE

Credo ‘La belle se siet’



Collected Works of Robert de Févin, ed. E. Clinkscale (Ottawa, 1993)

on monophonic chanson; attrib. Josquin in 15051; attrib. Robert de Févin in I-Rvat C.S.41 and probably by him; accepted with reservations by NJE

Et incarnatus est



only in 154916; ? bicinium from unidentified work




only in 154916; ? bicinium from unidentified work

Agnus Dei



only in 154916; ? bicinium from unidentified work

Josquin des Prez: Works

Ritual works




Suppl.: 55, no.7

only in E-SE s.s.; inc.: wants verses 10–12; ‘Esurientes’ verse 8 stylistically distinct; see Sherr in JC

Magnificat septimi toni



attrib. Josquin in D-LEu Thomaskirche 49, H-Bn Bártfa 22; untypically monotonous

Fecit potentiam [quarti toni]



Miguel de Fuenllana: Orphénica lyra (1554), ed. C. Jacobs (Oxford, 1978)

only in tablature 155432; bicinium from unidentified Magnificat

Pange lingua



EDM, 1st ser., xxi (1942)

hymn; attrib. Josquin in 154212 and German MSS; counterpoint untypical

Josquin des Prez: Works


Alleluia: Laudate Dominum



only B survives in unreliable D-Bga XX.HA StUB Königsberg 7 (formerly B of Königsberg, Universitätsbibliothek, MS 1740; hereafter Bga Königsberg 7)

Alma Redemptoris mater/Ave regina caelorum/Inviolata, integra et casta/Regina caeli


lost; cited by Zarlino, Le istitutioni harmoniche (1558), as combining 4 plainchant melodies (3 ants, seq)

Ave caro Christi cara



Mot.v: 46, no.76

sources favour attrib. to Bauldeweyn; attrib. to Josquin in 15645 strongly defended by Sparks (1972)

Ave Christe immolate




Protestant adaptation of text of Ave caro Christi cara; ed. in Cw, xviii (2/1950)

Ave festiva ferculis



only in E-TZ 2; reference to L’homme armé tune in last section; style anomalous; see Kreitner (1992)

Ave Maria … benedicta tu (ii)



Maîtres anciens de la musique française, v (Paris, 1975); SCMot, vi (1989)

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in I-Bc R142 (2nd index)

Ave Maria … virgo serena



arrangement of the Sup of Josquin’s 4-v motet; only in I-VEaf CCXVIII

Ave maris stella



Mot.v: 52, no.94

only in unreliable I-Bc Q20 (attrib. in A); hymn text unusually set as motet; texture discontinuous

Ave sanctissima virgo



canon 5 in 1 at unison; only in unreliable 15407

Ave verum corpus



Mot.v: 48, no.80

attrib. Josquin in 15452, 15687; T1 and T2 in canon; modelled on Inviolata, but see Sparks (1971)

Ave verum corpus/O salutaris hostia/Ecce panis/Bone pastor



G.W.J. Drake (diss., U. of Illinois, 1972)

attrib. Josquin in CH-BuF.X.22–4; probably by Gregoire (attrib. in 15031)

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum [Ps cxxvii]



EDM, 1st ser., xiii (1939)

by Senfl (15204); attrib. Josquin in D-LEuThomaskirche 49

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum [Ps cxxvii]



CMM, lx (1973)

by Champion (15426); attrib. Josquin in D-Kl 4o Mus.24

Beati quorum remissae sunt iniquitates [Ps xxxi]



Mot.iv: 40, no.62

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534; rhythm and texture untypical (?later)

Benedicite omnia opera Domini Domino



Mot.iii: 37, no.53

Daniel iii.57–74; attrib. Josquin in 15371, 15536, 15592; rhythm and word-setting untypical

Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas



only in D-Rtt FKM 76/II

Bonitatem fecisti [Ps cxviii.65–80 + doxology]



CMM, lviii/5 (1973)

by Carpentras; attrib. Josquin in CH-SGs 463, D-Kl 4o Mus.24, implicitly in Glarean (15471); possibly response to Memor esto

Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei [Ps xviii]



Mot.iii: 39, no.61

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534, D-Kl 4o Mus.24; modelled on works by Josquin; see Macey (1986)

Caelorum decus Maria




contrafactum of Comment peult avoir joye

Cantate Domino … cantate [Ps xcv + doxology]



Mot.v: 45, no.72

attrib. Josquin in 15399, 15535; texture and counterpoint untypical

Christus mortuus est/Circumdederunt



Mot.v: 51, no.87

attrib. Josquin in 15643; canon in T and Sup modelled on Nymphes, nappés; rhythm and texture untypical; see Milsom (1982)

Christus resurgens ex mortuis



CMM, xxviii/2 (1973)

by Verdelot (Sancta Maria virgo virginum); attrib. Josquin in lost MSS Breslau, Stadtbibliothek, 2, 5

Clamavi: Ad Dominum cum tribularer [Ps cxix + doxology, return]



attrib. Josquin in unreliable D-Kl 4o Mus. 24, Rp B211–15; rhythm abd structure untypical

Confitemini Domino/Per singulos dies



by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in I-Rv SI 35–40

Congratulamini mihi omnes



SCMot, vi (1989), xiv (1995)

probably by Le Brung (attrib. in A-Wn Mus.18825); attrib. Josquin in 15371 and dependent MSS; attrib Richafort in I-Bc Q19

Conserva me Domine [Ps xv]



S. Keyl (diss., Duke U., 1989)

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534, D-LEu Thomaskirche 49; probably by Martin Wolff (indexes of 15386, 15534); also attrib. H. F[inck] in Kl 4o Mus.24

De profundis (i) [Ps cxxix + doxology]



Mot.iii: 35, no.47

probably by Champion (attrib. in A-Wn Mus.15941); attrib. Josquin in 15204, 15213, 15399, Glarean (15471),CH-SGs 463, D-Kl 4o Mus.24

De profundis (ii) [Ps cxxix + doxology]



Mot.v: 52, no.91

attrib. Josquin in 15399, D-Kl 4o Mus.24; counterpoint and texture untypical

De profundis (ii) [Ps cxxix]



EDM, 1st ser., xiii (1939)

by Senfl; attrib. Josquin in D-Dl 1/D/3 (in Dc I and II only, in other partbooks to Senfl)

Descendi in ortum meum



Suppl.: 55, no.6

attrib. Josquin in generally reliable A-Wn Mus.15941, but counterpoint untypical

Deus, in adiutorium meum intende [Ps lxix]



DTB, v, Jg.iii/2 (1903)

attrib. Josquin in unreliable D-Kl 4o Mus.24, Champion in A-Wn Mus.15941, Senfl (who has another setting) in 15386; probably by Champion

Deus, in nomine tuo [Ps liii + doxology]



Mot.ii: 25, no.44; CMM, lviii/5 (1973)

by Carpentras; attrib. Josquin in 15535

Deus pacis reduxit



Mot.iii: 38, no.57

attrib. Josquin in 15383 (index), Stoltzer in D-Z LXXXI, 2; probably by Stoltzer

Dilectus Deo et hominibus



Collected Works of Antoine de Févin, iii, ed. E.H. Clinkscale (Ottawa, 1994)

attrib. Josquin in 15387, Févin in 15388, probably both owing to misreading of 15141, where it is anon.

Dixit Dominus domino meo [Ps cix]



only in D-ROu Mus.saec.XVI-71/1

Domine Dominus noster [Ps viii]



Mot.v: 51, no.89

attrib. Josquin in 15534, D-HAu Ed.1147; structure anomalous (progressively augmented 8-note motto in T)

Domine exaudi … auribus [Ps cxlii]



Mot.v: 52, no.92

attrib. Josquin in 15536, D-Kl 4o Mus.24; structure and word-setting untypical; harmonically stagnant

Domine ne in furore tuo … miserere (i) [Ps vi]



Mot.iii: 39, no.59

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534, I-Bc Q20; rhythm and word-setting untypical; ?later

Domine ne in furore tuo … miserere (ii) [Ps vi]



CMM, xxviii/2 (1973)

probably by Verdelot; attrib. Josquin in D-Kl4 o Mus.24; also attrib. Baston, Stoltzer

Domine ne projicias me



Mot.iv: 40, no.64

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15536; post-Josquinian

Domine quid multiplicati sunt [Ps iii]


lost; cited by Finck, Practica musica (1556), as adding another v at words ‘Dormivi et soporatus sum’

Domine quis habitabit [Ps xiv + doxology]



only in unreliable D-Kl 4o Mus.24; rhythm and structure untypical

Domini est terra [Ps xxiii + doxology]



G.K. Diehl (diss., U. of Pennsylvania, 1974)

probably by Vinders; attrib. Josquin in D-Kl 4o Mus.24; also attrib. ‘Benedictus’ [Appenzeller]

Dominus regnavit, decorem indutus est [Ps xcii + doxology]



Mot.iv: 41, no.65

attrib. Josquin in 15399, 15535, D-HRD 9820; rhythmically square; ?later

Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes




probable orig. incipit of Lectio Actuum apostolorum, as in I-Rvat C.S.42

Ecce Dominus veniet



attrib. Josquin in D-Z LXXIV, 1; ‘Gosse’ in 15395, ‘Joh. Gossen’ in lost MS Breslau, Stadtbibliothek, 11; Senfl in EIa s.s.; probably by Maistre Gosse

Ecce video caelos apertos



SCMot, i (1991)

by Nicolaus Craen; attrib. Josquin in tablature PL-Wn 564

Gloria, laus et honor



CMM, v/5 (1972)

attrib. Josquin in 15383, Brumel in 15052; probably by Brumel

Haec est vita aeterna


proportion example in Gumpelzhaimer, Compendium musicae (2/1595, etc.); 1st edn has part of Cr of Missa ‘Fortuna desperata’ at this point; replacement probably by Gumpelzhaimer

Illumina oculos meos



cento of psalm verses, also set by Isaac, De Silva, etc., identified as ‘Quinque versus S Bernardi’ in 15428 (Isaac setting); only in D-Kl 4o Mus.24; rhythm and structure untypical

In Domino confido [Ps x]



Mot.v: 45, no.73

attrib. Josquin in 15386; inept

In illo tempore: Maria Magdalena



Maîtres anciens de la musique française, v (Paris, 1975); MRM, viii (1987)

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in I-VEcap DCCLX

In illo tempore: Stetit Jesus/Et ecce terrae motus



Mot.iii: 38, no.55

attrib. Josquin in 15383, 15591, DK-Kk Gamle kong.saml.1872, 1873, I-Bc R142, lost MS Breslau, Stadtbibliothek, 5; rejected by Sparks (1971) and NJE

In nomine Jesu omne genu flectatur



PÄMw, vi (1877)

attrib. Josquin in 15584, 15643, D-Mbs Mus.ms.1536, Mouton in I-Bc R142, but probably by neither; see Brown (1986)

In principio erat Verbum




2p. of Verbum caro factum est, transmitted separately in 154916, D-Mbs Mus.ms.260

Inter natos mulierum



EDM, 1st ser., xci–xcii (1987)

only in Kleber tablature (D-Bsb 40026)

Inter natos mulierum



Mot.v: 49, no.84

attrib. Josquin in I-Bc R142, Rv SI 35–40; rejected by NJE and Sparks (1971)

Inviolata, integra et casta es/O Maria flos virginum



Suppl.: 55, no.10

attrib. Josquin in D-Kl 4o Mus.38; structure generally untypical; ?English style

Ite in mundum



only B survives in unreliable D-Bga Königsberg 7

Jubilate Deo, omnis terra: servite [Ps xcix]



Mot.iv: 41, no.66

attrib. Josquin in 15399, D-Dl 1/D/6; awkward; later

Judica me, Deus [Ps xlii]



SCMot, v (1992)

by A. Caen (attrib. in 15191, D-Kl 4o Mus.24); attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534, Lr Mus.ant.pract.K.N.150

Laetare nova Syon


CMM, xlix/1 (1970)

by De Silva; attrib. Josquin in tablatures 154625–6

Lauda Jerusalem Dominum [Ps cxlvii.12–20]



MRM, iv (1968)

probably by Maistre Jhan (attrib. in I-Fl Acq. e doni 666); attrib. Josquin in D-Kl 4o Mus.24; also attrib. Heugel

Laudate Dominum omnes gentes [Ps cxvi + return]



probably by Matthias Eckel (attrib. in D-Dl Grimma 49, DK-Kk Gamle kong.saml.1872); attrib. Josquin in D-LEu Thomaskirche 49; attrib. Wolff Heintz in Kl 4° Mus.24; canon 4 × 4 in 1

Laudate pueri Dominum [Ps cxii + doxology]



Mot.iv: 42, no.68

attrib. Josquin in 15399 (A only), 15535, D-Kl 4o Mus.24

Lectio Actuum apostolorum/Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes



Mot.ii: 24, no.41

c.f. plainchant ant; version with initial phrase attrib. Josquin in 15191; without it attrib. ‘Jo.Viardot’ in I-Rvat C.S.42; Josquin perhaps supplied initial phrase only

Levavi oculos meos in montes [Ps cxx + return]



Mot.iv: 42, no.70

only in 15391; modelled on Qui habitat; see Macey (1993)

Lugebat David Absalom




alternative text for Tulerunt Dominum meum; ed. J. Milsom (London, 1979)

Magnus es tu, Domine



Mot.i: 6, no.19

anon. in 15041; attrib. Josquin and renotated by Glarean (15471), etc.; attrib. Finck in 15383, corrected to Hellinck in D-Ju copy, also unlikely

Mirabilia testimonia tua (i) [Ps cxviii.129–44]



Mot.iv: 42, no.69

attrib. Josquin in 15399, 15536, D-Z XIII, 3; rhythm and word-setting untypical

Mirabilia testimonia tua (ii) [Ps cxviii.129–44]



only Sup survives in NL-Uhecht

Miseremini mei



MRM, viii (1987)

probably by Richafort (attrib. in 15191, A-Wn Mus.15941); attrib. Josquin in 15202; also attrib. Mouton in Glarean (15471) and related MSS

Missus est angelus Gabriel/A une dame j’ay fait veu



Mot.ii: 24, no.40; MRM, iv (1968)

c.f. T of Busnoys’ chanson; rhythm and texture anomalous; attrib. Josquin in 15193, D-Mu 4o Art.401, I-Rvat C.G.XII.4, C.S.19; attrib. Mouton in 15204, 15591, D-Mu 4o Art.401 (B partbook before correction), I-Fl Acq. e doni 666; possibly not by him either; see Lowinsky (1968), Bras (1986)

Nesciens mater



Mot.v: 45, no.71

attrib. in 15453, 15465, CZ-HKm II A 29; modelled on Inviolata, but rejected by Sparks (1971)

Nunc dimittis



Mot.v: 52, no.93

attrib. Josquin in I-Bc Q20; modelled on Memor esto; see Macey (1993)

O admirabile commercium



CMM, ix/2 (1956)

by Regis; attrib. Josquin in NL-L 1439

Obsecro te, domina



Coelho (1998)

only in tablature 154725

O dulcis amica



canon 6 in 1, ‘cuivis toni’; only in unreliable 15407

O Pater omnipotens




contrafactum of N’esse pas ung grant desplaisir, attrib. Josquin in 15687

Paratum cor meum, Deus [Ps cvii]



Mot.iv: 41, no.67

attrib. Josquin in 15399, 1555; sprawling; post-Josquinian

Petre, tu es pastor ovium



only B survives in unreliable D-Bga Königsberg 7

Propter peccata quae peccastis




contrafactum of La Spagna in all sources except DK-Kk Gamle kong.saml.1872

Puer natus est nobis … Haec dies



Georg Rhau: Symphoniae jucundae, ed. H. Albrecht (Kassel and Concordia, MO, 1959)

attrib. Josquin in D-Dl Grimma 51; attrib. in 15388 to Mouton (Sup, A, T), Mahu (B); probably by Mahu (? Mouton attrib. due to confusion with his better-attested Puer natus est … Gloria)

Quaeramus cum pastoribus



MRM, viii (1987)

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in tablatures 154625–6

Quam dilecta tabernacula tua



by Certon; attrib. Josquin in A only of 15535 (other partbooks and all indexes attrib. Certon)

Quam pulchra es



SCMot, vi (1989)

by Moulu; attrib. Josquin in 15371, 15592; also attrib. Mouton, Verdelot

Qui edunt me adhuc esurient



RRMR, xvi–xvii (1974)

?contrafactum of extract from unidentified work; attrib. Josquin in D-As 2o Cod.142a (textless)

Qui habitat in adiutorio Altissimi



EMN, vi (1971)

canon 4 × 6 in 1; attrib. Josquin in 15426, 15687, D-HB IV–V/2; melodically untypical; harmonically monotonous

Qui regis Israel, intende [Ps lxxix (selected verses) with other material]



Mot.iv: 40, no.63

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15535, D-Dl 1/D/3; texture and structure anomalous

Recordare virgo mater



Suppl.: 55, no.8

only in 15201; texture and word-setting untypical

Regina caeli (i)



Suppl.: 55, no.3

attrib. Josquin in unreliable I-Bc Q20; sprawling; inconsistent use of chant melody

Regina caeli (ii)



SCMot, iii (1991)

attrib. Josquin in 1555; technically inept; see Noble (1994)

Regina caeli


MT, 112 (1971), 749

T1 and A2 in canon; only in I-Rvat C.S.46, attrib. Josquin in 17th-century inventory; post-Josquinian; see Noble, MT (1971), Noble (1994)

Responde mihi



Mot.v: 46, no.75

Job xiii.22–8; attrib. Josquin in unreliable 15452; exclusively imitative

Responsum acceperat Simeon



Mot.v: 49, no.85

T and A in canon; attrib. Josquin in 15453, 15465; style anomalous (later); see Sparks (1971)

Salva nos, Domine



CMM, iii/4 (1952); MRM, iv (1968)

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in I-Bc R142; also attrib. Willaert; see Brown (1986)

Salve regina



CMM, xxviii/2 (1973)

probably by Verdelot (attrib. in I-Rv SI 35–40); attrib. Josquin in Bc R142 (2nd index); attrib. Jacquet ibid. (music), Rvat C.S.24

Salve sancta facies



Suppl.: 55, no.4

attrib. Josquin in unreliable I-Bc Q20; counterpoint, texture, structure untypical

Sancta mater, istud agas



Suppl.: 55, no.9

by Peñalosa; attrib. Josquin in E-Bc 454

Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus



DTÖ, xcix (1961)

4-v orig. by Févin (ed. E.H. Clinkscale, Collected Works of Antoine de Févin, iii, Ottawa, 1994), 2 added vv by Arnold von Bruck; 6-v version attrib. Josquin in D-EIa s.s.; 4-v version also attrib. Craen, Festa, Morales, Mouton

Sancti Dei omnes



Mot.v: 46, no.74

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in E-Tc 13

Scimus quoniam diligentibus/Per omnia saecula saeculorum




contrafactum of De tous biens plaine/Per omnia saecula

Si bibero



Hieronymus Formschneider: Trium vocum carmina, ed. H. Mönkemeyer (Celle, 1985), no.81

attrib. Josquin in tablature PL-Wn 564; dominated by melodic repetition and sequence

Sic Deus dilexit mundum/Circumdederunt me



Mot.v: 51, no.86

canon in T and B modelled on Nymphes, nappés; attrib. Josquin in 15643; rhythm and texture untypical; see Milsom (1982)

Si dormiero



Hieronymus Formschneider: Trium vocum carmina, ed. H. Mönkemeyer (Celle, 1985), no.66

probably by La Rue (attrib. in I-Fc Basevi 2439); attrib. Josquin in tablature PL-Wn 564; also attrib. Isaac, Agricola, Finck; see Meconi (1991)

Sit nomen Domini benedictum



canon 10 in 1 at unison and by inversion; only in I-Bc Q34 (dated 1613)

Stetit autem Salomon



Mot.iii: 39, no.58

attrib. Josquin in 15387, D-Rp A.R.887–90; rhythmically square, short-breathed

Te Deum laudamus (i)



even verses only; attrib. Josquin in D-ROu Mus.saec.XVI-49; stylistically anonymous

Te Deum laudamus (ii)



CMM, xlix/1 (1970)

attrib. Josquin in D-Bsb, Ju copies of 15371, ROu Mus.saec.XVI-49; also attrib. De Silva, Mouton

Tribulatio et angustia



Mot.iii: 37, no.54

attrib. Josquin in 15371, 15592, D-Dl 1/D/6, LEu Thomaskirche 49; attrib. Verdelot in c15265; probably by neither; see Knol (1986)

Tua est potentia



MRM, iv (1968)

by Mouton; attrib. Josquin in tablature A-Kla 4/3

Tulerunt Dominum meum



MSD, vi/2 (1965)

by Michele Pesenti (attrib. in 15192); attrib. Josquin in CH-SGs 463, D-Mu 322–5

Tulerunt Dominum meum



Cw, xxiii (2/1950)

contrafactum of 2 unrelated chansons: Gombert’s Je prens congié (GB-Lbl Roy.App.49–54; ed. in CMM, vi/11b, 1975) and J’ay mis mon cueur (not preserved as such, but identified by melody in T1 and by Vaet’s parody Salve and mass), possibly also by Gombert; separately in I-VEaf CCXVIII as Sustinuimus pacem (attrib. Gombert) and Tu sola es virgo pulcherrima (anon.); together (sometimes separated) with text Tulerunt … (2p. Alleluia: Noli flere Maria), attrib. Gombert in tablature 155235, Josquin in 155410 and dependent MSS; also with text Lugebat David, attrib. Josquin in 15641 and dependent MSS

Usquequo Domine oblivisceris me [Ps xii + return]



Mot.iii: 39, no.60

attrib. Josquin in 15386, 15534, D-ROu Mus.saec.XVI-71/1; counterpoint untypical

Veni Sancte Spiritus



Mot.iii: 36, no.49

B and T, Quintus and Sup in canon; probably by Forestier (attrib. in S-Uu Vok. i hs.76b); attrib. Josquin in 15371 and dependent sources, I-Bc R142

Venite ad me omnes




contrafactum of En non saichant, attrib. Josquin in D-LEu Thomaskirche 49

Verbum bonum et suave



SCMot, v (1992)

attrib. Josquin in D-Mu 4o Art.401 (T); structure, use of plainchant untypical

Verbum caro factum est



Mot.v: 51, no.88

probably by Appenzeller (attrib. in 15467); attrib. Josquin in 154916, D-Z LXXIII

Victimae paschali laudes



Mot.v: 48, no.81

by Brunet (attrib. in I-Rvat C.S.42); attrib. Josquin in E-Tc 10, I-Rv SI 35–40, probably owing to close resemblance to O virgo virginum




Sup only from unidentified work quoted in Dressler, Musicae practicae elementa (1571); long-note c.f., unidentified 3rd-mode ant

Josquin des Prez: Works

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