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A. Berg and O. Mosby: Musikselskabet Harmoniens Historie (Bergen, 1949)

C. Baden: ‘Sverre Jordan’, Norsk musikktidsskrift, ix (1972), 20 only

S. Jordan: Fra et langt kunstnerliv (Bergen, 1973)


Jordan, Thomas

(b ?London, c1614; d London, bur. 17 April 1685). English poet, playwright and actor. He trained as a boy actor with the King's Revels Company and was later attached to the Red Bull Theatre. Shortly before the Restoration he began writing musical entertainments for the livery companies, and between 1671 and 1684 he wrote at least 12 Lord Mayor's triumphs. He delighted in poetry and music, describing them as the ‘Twins of Fancy’. His circle included the musicians John Gamble, Theophilus Fitz (d 1708), Walter Yeokney (d 1665), John Playford and William Lawes, on whom he wrote the famous line ‘Will Lawes was slain, by such whose Wills were laws’ (The Musical Companion, RISM 16725). He penned a commendatory poem to Gamble's 1659 book of Ayres and Dialogues, and prefaced the songs with ‘A Defence for Musick in its Practique and Theorie’. He also copied the first catalogue and several of the lyrics in Gamble's commonplace-book. Jordan's own anthology of Cavalier poems with music (GB-NO) contains a mixture of political medleys, ballads, love poems and jigs set to anonymous popular tunes and to music by Gamble, Yeokney, John Wilson, Thomas Gibbes, Davis Mell and Mr (?John) Taylor.

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