Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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A. Frankenstein: ‘Hermann Jadlowker’, Record Collector, xix (1970–71), 5–31 [with discography by T. Kaufmann, D. Brew and J. Dennis]

M. Scott: The Record of Singing, ii (London, 1979), 240–42


Jaeger, August (Johannes)

(b Düsseldorf, 18 March 1860; d London, 18 May 1909). German editor and writer on music. His family moved to England in 1878. A capable violinist and pianist, he was first employed by a firm of map printers before joining the music publishers Novello & Co. in 1890 at the instigation of C.L. Graves (1856–1917). Although nominally publishing office manager, Jaeger's shrewd powers of aesthetic and critical judgment were to place him in a position of artistic adviser to the largely non-musical directors. His extensive correspondence with Elgar and Parry provides significant insights into the composers' creative lives, personalities and working methods, and he was also a formative influence on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (MS letters in GB-WOr).

Jaeger's unerring critical instinct led Elgar to extend the coda of the finale of his Variations on an Original Theme (‘Enigma’) and prevented him from grossly underestimating the full dramatic potential of the climax of The Dream of Gerontius. His veneration of Beethoven's adagios is reflected in Elgar's musical portrait of him as ‘Nimrod’ in the Variations. Parry, also a recipient of Jaeger's cajoling, coaxing and humouring, was urged to leave administration and the composition of choral works in favour of instrumental and symphonic writing, and, at his suggestion, made revisions to A Vision of Life. During his terminal illness Jaeger in turn was a beneficiary of Parry's understanding and generosity. Jaeger also secured performances of choral works by Elgar and Parry in Germany under the direction of Julius Buths.

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