Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jadlowker, Hermann

(b Riga, 17 July 1877; d Tel-Aviv, 13 May 1953). Latvian tenor. After training as a cantor (which permanently influenced his style), he studied at the Vienna Conservatory with Joseph Gänsbacher and made his début at Cologne in 1899 as Gomez in Kreuzer’s Nachtlager in Granada. In 1900 he went to Stettin, then to Riga, and in 1906 to the court theatre in Karlsruhe, where he began to attract international attention, particularly through his singing of Georges Brown in La dame blanche and of Raoul. The German emperor heard him during a Wiesbaden festival and arranged for his engagement at the Royal Opera House, Berlin, in 1909. From 1910 to 1912 he sang at the Metropolitan, where he made his début as Faust, created the King’s Son in Humperdinck’s Königskinder opposite Farrar and sang Rodolfo (La bohème), Turiddu, Canio, Lohengrin, Max and Pinkerton. In 1912 Strauss chose him for Bacchus in the première of Ariadne auf Naxos.

Although intrinsically a lyric tenor with amazing coloratura agility, Jadlowker sang such roles as Florestan, Tannhäuser, Parsifal and Otello, which gradually took their toll. He left the Berlin company in 1921 and thereafter seldom appeared in opera, though he sang Armand Mirabeau in the first performance of Lehár’s Frasquita. He left a wide range of recordings, which show the skill of his coloratura and the peculiarly doleful timbre of his voice.

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