J. H. Gregory took Martha & the children to Louisiana when he sold them. Gilbert was left behind

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This was the first instance of mob law hanging in Maury County.
Gilbert Dowell, colored, was slave owned by Ben Dowell's mother, the widow of Ben Dowell,

of Dowells Branch, below West Point, about 9 miles NW of Columbia. He was about 35 or 40

years old, large, stout, and fine looking, bright, "likely", and smart. His wife

Martha, belonged to James H Gregory, and had been raised by him; they had 2 (?) children.

(Gilbert's sister cooks for Marsh Mayes 1905?)

J. H. Gregory took Martha & the children to Louisiana when he sold them. Gilbert was

left behind.
Gilbert Dowell, in revenge, in the summer after crops were laid by, for separation & sale

of his wife & children, burnt the barn of J. H. Gregory, and (3) several horses that were

in it, that belonged to Rev. R. G. Irvine.
His barn was located on the Gregory Place, on Randal’s River, about 6 miles NW of

Columbia, now owned by Mrs. Mary Osborne (sister of the Gregorys) now 82 years old.

(Living in 1906)
Suspicion fell on Gilbert after the burning of the barn, and Dave Gregory & ______

Went to Lem Prewitts near Culleoka and got his negro trailing dogs. The dogs traced

Gilbert over to Rolan, (or Bannister) Chaffin’s in the Rutherford hills, near Rufe

??ton’s Place, near the mouth of Rogers Branch.

About two or three days after the burning, the negro was caught and carried to the burnt

barn. A trial was held by “Judge Lynch Law”, at which were present: Sam Roberts,

(Rev.) Wm. O. Roberts, Sandy Gresham, W. O. Cherry, (Rev.) R. G. Irvine, (Rev.) J. G.

Voorhies, Will Irvine, Dock West, Shug West, Eli Sellars, “Dillifote”1 (L.) Anderson,

Mrs. Martha Hood (wife2 of J. D.), Mrs. Mary Foster, wife3 of Wm. Hood, a great many

ladies, J. Dorrell Hood, Cole Goad, constable, John F. Jameson, constable, Lewis Goad,

D. L. (Dillyfate)1 Hood, Charles Irvine, Malloy Foster, Dock Foster, Bob Sellers,

Raleigh Dodson, John Anderson, all the Murphys: Bill, Henry, old man Murphy; all the

Wests; all the Sellers; all the Porters (Dock, Ed), Baugsses4 (Robt.).
Coleman Goad and John F. Jamison, constables of Maury county, were present.
1 Both men were named after the Marquis de La Fayette. Lafayette was pronounced La-Fay-It, not Loffy-Et; therefore the nicknames Dillyfate and Dillyfort. Fort was pronounced fote.

2 James Darrell Hood and Martha J Anderson were married 13 Apr 1861. He was sent home from the war with lung problems.

3 William Calvin Hood died in Clarksville in Dec 1861. Since she was not listed as a widder, the year must have been 1861, not 1862 as recalled later.

4 Robert J Bauguss.

A court was formed with ______ as Judge. Witnesses were examined, but no attorneys. All

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