Ivan krastev centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia

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Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia

SEE Initiative - 'Blue Bird'
Agenda for Civil Society in Southeastern Europe
(Project Paper)


The Challenge 4

What is the Idea? 4

What do we Mean by Southeastern Europe? 4

Who can be the Agent of Vision? 5

What Potential do Local Policy Institutes and Think-Tanks have to Become Vision Agents? 5

The Project 7

Civil Society Agenda as a Research Agenda 7

Research Groups and the Structure of the Research 8

1) How Ethnic Co-existence is Possible in Southeastern Europe 8

2) How the Politics of Social Inclusion is Possible in Southeastern Europe 8

3) How the Regional Economies can be Integrated in the Global Economy 9

4) What is the Future of the Nation States in SEE? 9

5) How SEE Identity is Possible 9

Major Objectives 9

Project Administration and Coordination 10

The Steering Committee 10

The institutions behind the project 10

The role of the knowledge institutes 11

The research groups – recruitment, communication, and public outreach 11

The Principle of Creative Overlapping 12

Research and Administrative Coordination of the Project 12

Research Coordination 12

Administrative Coordination 12

Further Clarifications 12

The Final Product 12

Funding Policy 13

Public Impact 13

A Final Argument – Making the “Blue Bird” Fly 13

Budget 14

Appendix 1 16

Appendix 2 20

Appendix 3 24

Appendix 4 26

Appendix 5 29

Appendix 5b 33

Appendix 6 35

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