Itinerary 6 nights 7 days

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The Musk

Egypt .

For All those people who are interesting in religion and for All Muslims all over the world with all my love I introduce this great offer ,i was thinking why we have no offers only for Muslims so for the first time in Egypt , first time in Egypt with Egypt tours only one offers for Muslims, i really remember the best friends of mine brother Shair Ahmed ,Nazim and sister Sarah ( Texas ) ,they are wonderful ,i saw in their eyes how much they loved Islamic Egypt that’s why I was thinking and make this great one, i called my offer The musk .

Prophet Ibraham was In Egypt ,prophet Joseph ,prophet Moses and Prophet jesus the capital of Egypt is Cairo,is known as the City of 1,000 Minarets because of its many mosques. Many of these mosques are open to visitors, and in fact, Cairo has an ongoing program for the restoration of ancient mosques, a few of which ranks as some of the oldest to be found in the world. Certainly some are the grandest to be found anywhere..Yet, because Egypt has seen many influences from any number of different ruling empires, including Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid Mamluk and Ottoman and others, and because Cairo specifically is a city of the world,

The Musk

Itinerary 6 nights 7 days


Arrival to the land of the pharaohs. At Cairo international Airport you will be welcome and assisted through immigration And customs, then Escorted to your selected hotel.

Day 2

Following breakfast, check out of hotel Your guide for the day will pick you up and begin your guided tour in Islamic Cairo - we start at the Citadel fortress with a visit to the Mohammed Ali Mosque (the alabaster mosque)We should say Masjid not Mosque ,,i read that MOSQUE NOT RIGHT WORD ITS DRIVED FROM we should say Masjid). The Citadel was built by Salah-El-Din in the 12th Century and was the seat of power for the following 700 years. On the premises is the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali, one of the landmarks of Cairo whose minaret can be seen from any part of the city. The Mohammed Ali mosque was built in Turkish style, very similar to the Blue Mosque in Turkey .Our next stop is

The mosque of sultan hassan Built between 1356 and 1363, and is believed to be one of the finest examples of Mamluk architecture in Cairo. The mosque is also considered one of the largest, not only in Cairo but in the whole Islamic world, measuring some 492 feet (150 meters) long and 118 feet (36 meters) high. The highest minaret is 223 feet (68 meters) tall and then The Refa'i Mosque.

The Refa'i Mosque is located next to Sultan Hassan Mosque,The Al-Rifa'i Mosque was constructed in two phases over the period between 1869 and 1912, when it was finally completed.

Khoshiar Hanem, the mother of Khedive Ismail, was really the one who wanted the mosque built in 1869. It's construction took 40 years. It now contains the tombs of many royal family members in Egypt, which is the reason why Khoshiar Hanem wanted it built in the first place. She placed the most important engineer in Egypt, Hussein Fahmy Pasha, in charge of its design.

The day ends with a visit to The Egyptiam museum,

The Egyptian Museum which is considered to be the most ancient museum in the world,There you will see the mummy of the pharoh who met the Prophet Moses , you will have a guided tour inside to watch and then your hotel.

Day 3

Following breakfast, check out of hotel. The day starts with a visit to the masjid of Ahmd ibn tulun ..

The masjid of Ahmed ibn tulun,Built on Mount Yashkur, Ibn Tulun's mosque was the focal point of the Tulunid capital that lasted only 26 years. The brick mosque is among Cairo's most visited Islamic monuments and one of its earliest. The congregational mosque is an attraction because of its majestic simplicity, grand scale and harmonious proportion.and then

the Gayer-Anderson Museum,

Behind the Mosque of Ahmed ibn tulun is the Gayer-Anderson Museum,was founded in 1937 in two ancient residences, the Beit el-Kiridiliya from 1632 and the Beit Amna Bent Salim from 1540.. where the houses which form the museum are at least as interesting as the exhibits within our next stop is The Al-Azhar Mosque

The Al-Azhar Mosque (the most blooming), established in 972 (361 H) in a porticoed style shortly after the founding of Cairo itself, was originally designed by the Fatimid general Jawhar El-Sequili (Gawhara Qunqubay, Gawhar al-Sakkaly) and built on the orders of Caliph Muezz Li-Din Allah. Located in the center of an area teaming with the most beautiful Islamic monuments from the 10th century.Finally, a visit to the mosque of Amr bin el Aas .

moving again through Al Fostat, the first Islamic capital in Egypt and stop by the way to see Amr bin El Aas Mosque, the first mosque that was built in Egypt.and then your hotel.

Day 4 Cairo - Alexandria

Alexandria the bride of the Mediterranean Sea.

Following breakfast at the hotel, Your guide for the day will pick you up and transfer you, cutting across 220 Kilometers of the Western desert from Cairo is the city of Alexandria, Alexandria is a wonderful city ,The trip takes about 3 hours.

Upon arrival your tour Guide will take you to visit the Montazah Summer Palace, walk around and enjoy the Montazah gardens. Originally built in 1892, it was the summer home of the Egyptian Royal family. Lunch is taken en-route at a popular seafood district (at your own expense).

Following lunch you will visit the fort and Citadel of Qaitbay, which was built around 1480 by the Mamluk Sultan Qaitbay. It is believed to rest on the site and to be built from the stones of the Pharos lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.and then your guide will take you to visit the new Alexandria Library,partly submerged in a pool of water, tries to live up to an ancient tradition. It stands where archaeologists believe the library of the Ptolemies stood some 1,700 years ago.The day ends with a visit to the masjid of El Morsy abu El Abbas.The most important historic mosque in Alexandria, Egypt , Constructed in 1775 by Sheikh Abu-El-Hassan El-Maghraby, it was built over the tomb of the 13th century Andalusian scholar.and then back to cairo in the same day .


Following breakfast check out of hotel Your guide for the day will pick you up and begin your guided tour in Giza ,we start at the great Pyramids of Giza, the Enigmatic Sphinx from here we drive to Sakkara the vast Necropolis of Ancient Memphis. Sakkara has 14 Pyramids and built by Zoser I in 2700 BC. It is the first Pyramid and is the world’s oldest Stone structure .In the Afterno, we drive to Memphis the Capital of The ancient kingdom and one of the most important Cities throughout the History of ancient Egypt.and then your hotel

Day 6

Your Free day.

Day 7

Transfer to Cairo airport and farewell to the Land of the Pharaoh

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