It shall be the ballot or the bullet

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"It shall be the ballot or the bullet"

Malcolm X

Directions: Answer all of the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Use ink or type.
1. Who was Malcolm X? Set speech in its historical context (research).
2. To whom is this speech directed? Is it the same audience as King’s audience? What specifically tells us this is not a similar audience to King’s audience?
3. How does the opening appeal to the audience?
4. What is the purpose of paragraph 2? Why does Malcolm X include this information?
5. Identify a syntactical device in paragraph 2. What is its effect?
6. Paragraphs 4, 6, 7 use repetition. Provide two examples of such repetition? What is the effect of these repetitions?
7. The speech is a call to action. What is the call?
8. Why does Malcolm X use paragraph 8? What is his purpose?
9. Here again in paragraph 8 he uses anaphora. How does the use of anaphora strengthen his purpose?
10. The "Plymouth rock" line is well known (even if you haven't heard of it; Thoreau used a similar reference to railroads). Why is it so memorable? What is it about what is expressed and the way it is expressed that makes it memorable?
11. He uses the "Plymouth rock" line twice in the speech. How does it serve his purpose?
12. What is Malcolm X attempting to convey in paragraphs 9-13? What is he appealing to (logos, ethos, pathos)? How do you know? Provide evidence.
13. Why do you think Malcolm X placed the "voter registration" paragraph at the end instead of at the beginning of his speech?

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