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Crazy Horse

I saw the mini series Centennial based on James A. Michener’s book by the same title. I wondered if the character Jake was modeled after Crazy Horse. I saw a documentary about Crazy Horse a while ago. I had some impressions of what he was like and wondered if they were accurate. I know he was a Native American.

I think he may have been a chief and is a well known War Chief. It seems like he was named Crazy because he was wild and out of control. I don’t know what tribe he was from. I am not sure if he fought the white settlers and soldier, but I think he did. They made him seem like he was mystical and he could see into other worlds and foretell the future.

How old was he when the Indian wars took place? What tribe was Crazy Horse a part of? Was Crazy Horse ever photographed? I am curious what type of warrior he was. What is the meaning behind his name and how did he receive his name.

Did Crazy horse really wear the lightning bolt painted on his face for most battles? Did he wear a head dress? Was he a good horse back rider? How many wives did her have? What books are written about Crazy Horse? Are there any documentaries about him specifically?

Part III

Sting Bull and his inflwinc and inflowing on wester lande scap.

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