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Native American Beliefs

I know that Native American’s are more respectful of nature. Native American’s are very connected with animals. I know they never took more than they needed. I saw the mini series Centennial based on James A. Michener’s book by the same title. I know from the t.v. show Dr.Quinn that they used a lot of herbs to treat illnesses and injuries.

I remember when I lived in Canada; they had rules similar to the Native Americans. Like when we went to forest preserves the rule was touch nothing, take nothing, leave nothing but your footprints, and leave the land as you first saw it. Natives had medicine men. They told stories by word of mouth.

I am curious how Native families treated their wives and children. I want to look up if it is true that the old Indians would stay behind to die and not be a burden to the tribe. I am interested in if they believed in reincarnation. I want to learn more about how they used all of a buffalo. I am interested in investigating the Native American ten commandments.

What was the significance of the Sun dance? What human traits did they revere most? Why did they have more than one wife sometimes? Is it true that the Englishmen started them scalping settlers? What is the significance of the medicine wheel.

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