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Lakota Tribe

Lakota are also known as the Sioux tribe of Native American Indians. The movie Centennial made it seem like they were the “trouble making” Indians. I think that they still exist, unlike some tribes that were all killed or joined with other Native Americans. Sitting Bull was a Lakota Indian. I think they live up in the Dakotas.

My guess is they were Plains Indians that hunted buffalo before the buffalo were killed by white men. They are a proud people even now. They lived in teepees and travelled to find Buffalo. They resisted the white settlers that moved west. After the whites came they rode horses. They used bow and arrows for hunting.

When did the Lakota first obtain guns? I wonder if they were moved to reservations, and if they live anywhere near the land of their ancestors. Were they affected by the white man’s diseases? How many branches of the tribe are there? What other leaders have stuff written by them.

I am curious how they really dressed. Did they really wear blankets around them that often? How did buffalo influence their lives, were they a tribe that relied on buffalo? What really happened at Wounded Knee? What movies and books are about them?

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